Seven Habits that will Change your Life in 2023

 Seven Habits that will Change your Life in 2023

Change your Life in 2023


Your life is not as smooth as it should be. You wish you could rebuild it. Well, add (action) to your (thought). Do it right now! It is never too late to begin! All you have to do is to change existing habits. They are hindering personal growth. Determine to develop new ones. Now, they may not do much for this year. After all, it is almost ending. However, 2023 may prove wonderfully fruitful!

How Can You Keep Your Body and Mind Healthy?

Wake up early

Early to Wake Up, Will Change Your Life in 2023

You have heard of that adage – Early to bed and early to rise, make a man healthy, wealthy, and wise – have you not? Well, follow it to the letter! True, it is difficult. However, perseverance should yield results. Set the alarm for sensible wake-up time. Note that Mr. Sun and the birds wake up together! After a few days, you will not need the alert. Just repeat your wake-up hour several times before going to sleep. Your subconscious mind will become your alarm clock.

Early to Bed

You go to bed late. Even if you go early, you are unable to attain undisturbed sleep.

Think about it. Are you consuming caffeinated beverages nearing bedtime? Then again, you may be a late eater. Your food has to digest. Only then, your tummy will allow you to rest. Addiction to the small screen is another cause. Your soap operas gain priority right until bedtime. Alternatively, you may be watching thrillers, horror shows, etc. Your mind will whirl with all manner of thoughts. Similarly, you fiddle with Smartphones, tablets, computers, or e-readers. They interfere with the functioning of the melatonin hormone, which induces steady sleep, keeping your circadian rhythm intact.

Therefore, switch off every electronic device 30 minutes before bedtime. Instead, read a pleasant book. Listen to your favorite tunes. Work on your hobby for some time. The International Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health published a study in 2018. It confirms that adequate, good quality sleep and sleep position also is necessary. Otherwise, your cognitive performance is impaired. Your productivity lessens. You may suffer from health issues. Over time, you may develop psychiatric disorders.

Regular Exercise Will Change Your Life in 2023

Regular exercises

Freshen up after you wake up early. Go outside. And inhale the fresh air around you. take brisk walking benefits. Alternatively, opt for other favorite activities. You may jog, swim, cycle, etc. If you wish to undertake indoor activities, so be it! Dance, do aerobic exercises, engage in yoga, etc. You need to motivate yourself to be energetic. If your body is healthy, your mind will be healthy as well.

A Nutritious Diet

Nutiritous diet

No, no one is asking you to give up your favorite foods. Do indulge yourself occasionally. Your routine diet, however, should be healthy. It should be a balance of all essential nutrients. As a result, your weight will match your height. You do not wish to invite obesity-related diseases into your life! Similarly, drink plenty of water. Eight to ten glasses should suffice for the day.

The British Medical Journal published results of a study in 2019. There has been a 10% enhancement in the supply of ultra-processed foods. Unfortunately, regular consumption can increase the risk of cancers by 12%. On the other hand, women are at 11% more risk for breast cancer. Therefore, consult a dietitian if you must!

How Can You Keep Your Spirit Healthy?

spirit healthy

Spiritual meditation has been the mantra of spiritual seekers for ages. It can be yours too! Generally, your mind is a whirlpool of negative thoughts. You cannot help it. Day-to-day routines take a toll on your composure. And life can be hectic at the workplace. Suffice to say, stressors surround you. Therefore, you need your moments of peace. Regular meditation will prove helpful.

Find a quiet corner in your house. Sit cross-legged on a floor mat. Alternatively, sit on a chair. Relax your muscles. However, keep your backbone straight. Let your palms rest on your knees. They must face upwards. Keep your eyes closed. Do not open them for the next 20-30 minutes. Now, try to concentrate on your breathing. Observe your inhalations and exhalations. Yes, thoughts are uninvited guests. Let them come. Do not award them too much of attention. They will disappear. Soon enough, your wayward mind will come under control. You will always remain positive.

How Can You Grow in Your Personal and Professional Lives?

Seek Good Company

Yes, indeed, surround yourself with ‘doers. Make friends with leaders. They will suffice as regular inspirations. You will learn to create long-term goals. You will also learn to achieve short-term goals. In other words, you will learn to plan your life. It will help you come up with strategies for action. You will also learn to evaluate and reflect. Thus, you learn to make the best use of time, money, and effort.

Do not forget to update your skills. There is always something novel to learn. Never feel that you know everything. Every individual has something new to teach you.

Develop Enjoyable Hobbies

Relaxation is much valuable. You have left it behind in your race for success. Well, befriend it once more. Remember the hobbies that occupied your time earlier. Get back to them. Of course, you cannot take up everything. Just choose the most enjoyable ones. Allot some time to leisure-time activities every single day. They are splendid de-stressors! The Journal of Epidemiology published some findings in 2016. The study focused on the elderly. They are prone to functional decline, which is an outcome of mismanagement of stressful situations or get rid of anxiety. Similarly, they are likely to a depression case. Enjoyable activities serve to act as buffers, as well as reducing mortality. Therefore, the elderly should be part of hobby organizations.

You may work on these few habits to change your Life in 2023. You may begin working on them immediately! However, you are welcome to come up with other ideas too. After all, only YOU can improve your life and lifestyle! The desire must come from deep within you! Surround yourself with cheerful and enthusiastic friends. They will help you effortlessly find the good in you for a better life.

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