Common health problems in the world and how to deal with them

 Common health problems in the world and how to deal with them

Common health problems

health problem

Health problems have become a part of our day-to-day life now. Researchers say that the majority of us face some kind of health problems once in our lives. While we do have medical help available for these problems, it is important to procure yourself from these issues. As we know, prevention is better than cure, you should always remain cautious so that these global health issues can be avoided in the first place. Here are 10 Global health issues of the world for you

Mental health

Mental Health

Everything we do or try to do affect our thinking. Our thinking is regulated by our mental health. Also, termed as Dementia, mental health is an important health problem in the world. It can be caused by reactions to something, hearing problems, vision disabilities, nutritional deficiencies, diabetes, renal diseases or heart diseases. Out of several forms of Dementia, many can be life-threatening.

The treatment includes timely diagnosis and then management with professional help. When we talk about health problems in the world, depression is the most common mental issue. It can even lead to suicides. Proper counseling and help can avoid depression, especially in adults.

Nutrition and physical activity

Physical Activity

Physical inactivity might not seem to be a syndrome in itself but is the root cause of other diseases. Many physical activities like working out, jogging or walking can prevent or delay certain diseases. Cancers, heart problems and sugar diseases can be avoided with physical activity. On the other hand, inactivity brings the onset of diseases like obesity and bone problems.

When you work out regularly, you tend to become happy while carrying a good mood. Also, if your eating habits are not good, you can become nutrition deficient which decreases your immunity making you more prone to diseases. You should consume nutrient-rich food and avoid ones having sugar or empty calories in them.

Tobacco and smoking

Everyone knows about the harmful effects of tobacco and smoking. Every nation is trying to educate its masses on the killing consequences of these harmful substances. However, the irony is that these are still consumed on a large level in certain countries which has made it a common health problem. Having tobacco regularly can simply decrease your life span by 20-30 years. Smoking with nicotine or tobacco is a recipe for grave diseases like cancer, heart failure, asthma and many more.



Out of all major diseases concerning the health of people, AIDS caused by the HIV virus is the most talked-about health issue in the world. This is because there is not absolute immunization against the disease. Once you are conjured up in this syndrome, it’s hard to defeat it. Hence, prevention is the utmost for HIV. Staying active physically is the best way of preventing HIV.

Using precautions while having intercourse with multiple people, using sterilized or new needles for vaccination, staying away from the blood of an infected person and eating a healthy diet can avoid the disease in the first place.



Gaining weight is a sure shot sign of your body not digesting calories the way it should be. Being fat occurs when you gain fat on your body and are unable to burn appropriate calories. Hence, being obese can lead to various diseases blood pressure or sugar being the most common one. Studies have shown that blood sugar levels are highest in people who are obese or overweight. Obesity can also cause other issues such as heart problems, stroke, sleep apnea, respiratory issues, endometrial cancers and many more and able to control blood pressure.

Drug abuse

In layman language, drug abuse refers to misusing or over-consumption of drugs and other narcotic substances. The most common ones include nicotine, morphine, caffeine, heroin, etc. The ideal treatment for this problem is to educate our youth on the avoidance of such drug abuse. They should also be taught how self-medication or medicating themselves with a used syringe can lead to infections and even deaths. In every country, there are several steps taken to avoid drug misuse.

There are rehabilitation centers set up where people addicted to drugs are cured and mentally treated. Also, the use of such drugs should be banned in countries where the chances of drug abuse are high. In the end, it is up to our education and lifestyle to avoid using drugs in the wrong way.

When once addicted, it becomes really hard to get rid of the addiction and can even cause death in the process. This is a grave scenario not only for the victim but for his family and other people as well.

Quality of the environment

Most of the under-developed nations are suffering from the world health problems of the low-quality environment. To be precise, the poor people living in the unhygienic environment give rise to a hot spot for diseases. No matter if the government tries hard to get rid of such spaces, poverty, and deprivation give rise to such communities living in poorly drained or maintained areas.

This is a global problem and only strong actions by the government can lead to a beneficial result. Also, environmental issues like water pollution and land pollution add to the bitter truth of such people. The rise in prices of land and properties also forces masses to live in a poor quality area.

Access to health services

This point relates to the point of the environment as well. In many nations, health services do not reach every corner of the country. This leads to deprivation from medicinal facilities. Also, unawareness and illiteracy add to the problems. Since people do not know about various governments’ immunization operations government, they tend to remain unimmunized and hence become prone to deadly diseases.

Providing access to health services and educating masses on the same can help solve the issue. There should be clinics, medical centers, hospitals and nursing homes in every village or district in the area. Also, certain treatment by the government can be given free of cost to avoid infections and a bad environment.


Treating diseases like influenza and polio has become a major part of the health initiatives in countries like India. By doing the perfect immunization and literally mandating it for everyone, the government can free the society of such deadly diseases. Immunization is a problem which if remain unattended can cause a catastrophe at a grand level.

Hence, these were some common problems that our world faces. By knowing about them and taking precautions measures on a personal level, you can help the entire world stay free from health problems in the world like this.



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