Seasonal change and itchy scalp

 Seasonal change and itchy scalp

itchy scalp

seasonal change

Hello friends, Seasonal changes cause a lot of changes to our body. May it be our skin or our hair. Sometimes the bad hair days are around and the scalp is dry, itchy, and rough. You can’t take your hands off the head but for the wrong reason. The hair becomes so dry. The scalp is so itchy. You comb the hair again n again to get some relief but that is temporary. In some parts of the day, the problem becomes grave. Sometimes around night time or sometimes around mid-afternoon and so. That’s too irritating and uncomfortable. The problem becomes worse when the season changes. Let us have a look at what are the possible symptoms of the problem.

Problems associated with itchy scalp

Though the problem looks small, it is not. The scalp shows very abnormal behavior. Yes…it does. The scalp is




4)Itching is on the whole scalp but severe on some parts of the scalp

5)It is not dandruff or flakes but still it’s itchy

6)You feel more uncomfortable if you put on any hair color or other thing like henna

7)You keep the hair clean but instead after washing too itching is there and it doesn’t go even with washing.

I hope you must have faced one or the other problem with the change of season. Now let us have a look at what is the causes behind itchy scalp and some points which need to be noted in this context.

a)If the problem goes away after some days or is temporary or you get relief after washing your hair it means your scalp was not clean.

b)When the season changes, the scalp shows some changes too.

c)If the problem persists for long you need to be alert.

Take care of your scalp by following the useful tips which I am going to point out now.

Useful tips to treat itchy scalp

Here is a list of some useful tips which you may follow or take into consideration. The important ones are as follows

1)Keep the scalp clean-As we take care of our skin, it is also equally important to take care of the head scalp. It also needs proper care and attention. The scalp becomes itchy when dirt and other external things may make it dirty. The dirty scalp is the storehouse of not only dust but also cause bacterial and fungal infection which may lead to itching of hair especially during season change. So keep a thorough check on your scalp to be clean as a clean scalp is considered a healthy one.

2)Don’t wash the hair daily as it takes away the necessary moisturizer out of hair-Well that sounds contradictory as to keep the scalp clean and don’t wash the hair daily. But it is good to know that washing the hair daily takes out the

wash dailyn

necessary oils that are good for hair and scalp as it is a natural one. The nature moisturizer is the key to a healthy scalp. Washing hair daily makes the hair rough and frizzy. Instead, you can opt to wash your hair on alternate days.

3)Don’t forget to oil your roots-It is the grand mom’s formula to keep the hair roots strong and healthy. Apply oil on the scalp twice in a week at least. You can also use hot oil massage or hot towel wrapping after oiling and then wash it off with cold water after 3-4 hours. You can keep the oil overnight also. You can use any oil of your choice.

4)Get a proper scalp analysis done-It is good to take a proper scalp analysis as it is good to know the root cause of the problem. It serves best to know the actual problem or to know if any kind of infection is there which can be treated properly. It helps to reach the root cause of the problem.

5)Choose the right shampoo-Choose the shampoo which suits your hair type. Carefully choose the shampoo for the itchy scalp too. It is good to use shampoos with 2% or 3% catacazanole as prescribed by your dermatologist. Use paraben-free shampoo which soothes and relaxes the scalp. If itching is due to dandruff ir scaling use the shampoo as prescribed by your dermatologist. Use some medicated shampoo. Bot don’t use these shampoos for long.

6)Eat healthy-It is good a follow a healthy diet that includes seasonal fruits, vegetables, healthy nuts, and other such foods which contain antioxidants. Use the rainbow diet on your food plate. Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Eat Healthy

Include Omega-3 fatty rich acid foods in your diet which help to provide nutrition to the scalp including flaxseeds, fatty fish, and all types of nuts and seeds. The deficiency of such nutrients may cause dry scalp and as result itchiness in the scalp mainly with the change in season.

7)Home remedies may prove a blessings-Well I am a huge follower of home remedies. These remedies may aid to solve any issue or to make the problem less severe in the long run. As we change our food with the change in season, we also need to feed the scalp with some foods. I am sharing some for you which I have tested on my hair.

-Try Apple Cider Vinegar(ACV). It is really helpful in itching. Add half a cup of ACV and add 2 parts of water. Apply it on hair 2-3 hours before washing and then rinse off. It has anti-fungal properties which help to sort out itchiness and other problems too.

-Try Yoghurt and lemon. Take half a cup of yogurt and add half lemon to it. If the yogurt is a little sour that will be better. Apply on the head and wash it off after 2 hours. It takes away excess dirt out of the scalp and makes the hair healthy and shiny.

8)Follow regularity in doing any hair care regimen-The most important thing is whatever you follow do it regularly. Trying once or twice a month won’t help. You need to be consistent to get effective results. To get effective result, follow a hair care regimen on a routine basis. Be consistent. Be patient and if still the problem persists don’t forget to follow a good dermatologist.



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