Graying of hair home remedies

 Graying of hair home remedies

Everybody loves their hair but, one fine day if you wake up and see that you are showing graying of hair, what will your first reaction be? Will you be scared and just try to cut them off?

You’re sure to be scared. Hair is one of the vital traits or characteristics of our personality, and the majority of the people take the utmost care of their hair. According to research, having a good hair day gives one a boost of self-confidence and also helps them shape into the person they actually are. Now let us dive into the reasons that can cause graying of hair.

What causes the graying of hair?

graying hair

As you know that graying hair is inevitable as it is a part of the natural aging process; therefore, it is sure to happen as we age. But, premature hair graying is preventable as the common reasons for this are known. The untimely graying of hair can be caused by hereditary, genetic, or environmental factors, as well it can be triggered by the deficiency in vitamin B12, iron or copper. The deficiency of these vital nutrients can result in premature graying of hair. Other factors involve low levels of vitamin D3, low serum ferritin, and low serum calcium.

If a person is diagnosed with premature aging syndromes, that too can cause graying of his hair before the required age. People with down syndrome are categorized with accelerated aging which includes premature graying of hair. Another significant factor that might trigger the premature graying of hair is smoking. Additionally, even stress can cause premature graying of hair and hair fall; the hair grows back so it does not result in balding but if somebody is old and does not have proper growth of hair, then it can also considerably result in balding.

Natural ways to prevent premature hair graying:

Onion and lemon juice pack: Trusted by generations

onion and lemon

Introducing onion in your hair care routine is one of the oldest home remedies that has and is being done by several generations. By mixing equal proportions of onion and lemon juice and making a hair pack of it and then leaving for 30 minutes before washing off your hair can effectively lower down the early graying of your hair.

Mustard oil: A wonder herb

Mustard oil for graying of hair

Mustard oil natural herb is well known for being very rich in antioxidants. It can be included in the diet as well as used for hair massage. And it constitutes healthy fats; therefore, it acts as very good nourishment for hair, as well as provides shine and strength to the hair. It is also known for effectively darkening hair and cover up signs of premature aging. Including mustard oil in your daily diet can improve your hair health as well as yours, plus if you massage your hair with mustard oil one day prior to washing them, it will help you slow down the process of premature aging.

Rosemary and Sage: Good for both skin and hair

Apart from this combo known for treating skin treatments, they are also used for treating hair related problems. Boiling the mixture of both of these products and washing your hair off with it for thrice a week can fight premature graying of hair.

Shikakai: Best Hair Cleanser

Shikakai has several benefits when applied for the aging of hair. Grinding shikakai pods and mixing them with curd to make a hair mask help premature aging.

Salt and Black Tea

Salt and Black Tea for hair

Mixing equal parts of iodized salt and black tea to make a hair mask along with curd is one of the most effective remedies which helps in curing premature aging of the hair.

Henna and egg hair pack: For hair strengthening

Henna is universally known for being used as effective hair color, but the other benefit that henna carries is that it is battling premature aging of hair. Mix a cup of henna powder and an egg to make a hair mask and then keep it applied for 30 minutes before washing your hair. It can help in nourishing your hair, provide strength and also slow down the aging of hair.

Curry leaves and coconut oil

Curry leaves and coconut oil

Apart from Henna, coconut oil is one of the best multifunctional oils. It is an oil that not only helps in the growth of hair but also stops hair fall, nourishes and strengthens the roots as well. When used with a combination of curry leaves this mixture can help in preventing the graying of hair. When applied for a span of a month, it can gradually give effective results of the claims being made here.

Ridge gourd

Ridge gourd oil, when used for massaging the head regularly, can help in restoring hair pigment, stimulation and restoring of hair roots.

 Lifestyle hacks for preventing graying of hair

  • Eating more antioxidants such as fruits vegetables, green tea, olive oil, and seafood can considerably slow down the process of having gray hair.
  • For catering to deficiencies of vitamin B12 and vitamin D3, opt for a diet which constitutes of more milk protein and seafood. Even a large variety of vitamin supplements are available in the market which can help in this problem.
  • Cutting down the uses of chemical hair products and hair dye helps a lot as well.
  • Quitting smoking is also another step that you can take to protect their hair from premature aging because of some adverse effects of smoking; some hair follicles might lose their pigmentation which can be irreversible.    


The remedies and tips are given above, along with proper diagnosis can help in slowing down the premature aging of hair. Although aging of hair is inevitable as it happens with age, the process can be significantly slowed down during the initial stages. Sometimes the process is irreversible but there’s always a 50-50 chance. Good hair care and a properly balanced diet can be very beneficial for this case. Also reducing the amount of smoking works wonders in some cases. Regular use of home remedies given in this article added to adequate lifestyle changes to reduce stress levels will surely give you back your good hair days.



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