Gray hair? Here Are Some Natural Ways To Prevent It

 Gray hair? Here Are Some Natural Ways To Prevent It

The turning grayness of your lustrous hair is one of the common ailments in recent times. The white hair strands start growing irrespective of any age. To aid you with some relief, the only option that you’re left with is searching for specific natural grey hair care and home remedies to curb premature greying of hair. Many are of this opinion that premature gray hair indicates you the signs of maturity and astuteness. But, the truth is that your body is unable to produce adequate melamine, and it results in premature aging.

Your initial step for grey hair care is to know how to eat right. It makes quite a difference. You should consume loads of green leafy vegetables, fresh seasonal fruits, and yogurt. Owing to this, you will be blessed with glowing skin and also glistening long hair.

Ordinary belief #1 – Do not over-stress over gray hair

Though it is commonly said that too much of stress results in premature graying of hair, but it is not the lone reason. Gray hair does not happen all of a sudden. But, of course, a hectic day at your work-place will initiate in the same, slowly. Moreover, a stressful situation at the home-front also results in the same. The effect of over-stressing, takes too much toll on us, both mentally and physically. It thus speeds the process of premature graying.

Ordinary belief # 2 – Avoid plucking of gray hair

It is a commonly discussed matter that plucking of grey hair will lead to over-growth of the same! Well, it is not always true. It never adds to the addition of more grey hair, though once in a while, you can still indulge in culling the unnecessary greys! The scientific reasoning behind it says that grey hair plucking weakens the hair follicle and result in collateral damages inside the scalp. And, if you accidentally pluck a healthy hair, in place of the grey one, then be prepared to own a new strand of grey hair in its place!

Ordinary belief # 3 – Your lifestyle never initiates premature gray hair

Yes, it is partially true! Too much smoking leads to premature grey hair. Moreover, if your body is Vitamin B deficient, along with lacking Folic Acid and Bio-tin, your lustrous hair will turn grey at an early stage. Try following a well-maintained diet. Be careful to consume a lot of greens, and keep your body properly hydrated. It does! Smoking can make your hair turn dim before time. If religiously followed, it might aid in lessening the speedy premature greying!

Ordinary belief #4: Hair texture remain unchanged

Premature greying never transform the hair texture. Greying leads to rough hair. The hair follicles develop the tendency to produce less amount of Sebum, as the melanin-producing cells runs-out of an adequate amount of steam. As you age, the scalp produces less amount of natural oil. And it results in making the grey hair strands look dry and rough. Now, let us look into the various home remedies to take good care of your gray hair and also preventing premature greying.

Do remember, the above discussed are certain common beliefs that have posed excessive faith in our minds. Let us come out of these beliefs, and try our hands over the six natural home remedies for grey hair care.

Natural home remedies for grey hair

Generous use of Indian Gooseberry or Amla and Fenugreek or Methi seeds

Add 6-7 pieces of Amla to 3 tbsp. of Methi Seeds of chosen oil, like coconut, olive or almond, and bubble for a couple of moments. Later, add-on 1 tbsp. of fenugreek or Methi powder. Cool it, strain and apply liberally. Apply it everywhere, all over your scalp. It is useful if you use it before hitting the bed at night. Wash away with mild, chemical-free herbal shampoo, next-day morning. Amla and Methi, both act as one of the best remedies for premature gray hair. Amla, well-known as Indian Gooseberry, stands to be a rich source of Vitamin C. it is vastly used in making of various Ayurvedic medicines. The Methi or Fenugreek seeds consist of many minerals. The combination of these two results in the promotion of hair growth at a steady speed. But you have to be regular in the application, to be the gainer. 

Rinse your grey hair with black tea

Heat some water with 2 tbsps. Black tea leaves and a tsp. of salt. Cool the mixture. Apply generously over the freshly shampooed hair. Dry it in a natural course. Repeat the same, regularly to darken the gray hair strands. Any good Black Tea consists of caffeine. It is loaded well with an ample amount of oxidants. While adding a characteristic dark tinge over the grey hair, the hair growth gets faster. Regular use lends a good shine on your lack-luster hair. Be consistent using this home remedy and be a winner for life!

Almond oil and lemon juice

Blend almond oil with the juice of one lemon. The ratio has to be 2:3. Rub well, with circular motion over your scalp. Wash off after keeping it for 30 minutes. Almond oil has enriching Vitamin E and benefits against premature greying of hair. The hair roots get appropriately nourished with good quality almond oil. Lemon juice add-on to shine, volume and bounce to hair. It also boosts advance hair growth. Any good almond oil and lemon juice are readily available ingredients helping us in getting rid of excessive grey hair, before time.

Coffee powder and Henna

Mix 1 tbsp. of coffee powder in boiling water. Cool the mixture, and prepare a paste with henna powder. Leave it aside to cool for an hour or two. Then, mix 1 tbsp. of any herbal oil generously apply all-over your hair. Wash off with a herbal shampoo after an hour. Henna acts as a typical and natural conditioner. It also acts as a hair colorant.  However, when mixed with coffee powder, the outcome is mind-blowing! Using Henna is a long-standing procedure, which is used at the households for long, to transform the greys to black.

Hair-oil and Curry leaves

After boiling one cup of curry leaves in the measured amount of hair oil, let it cool. Strain it and store the mixture in a bottle. Give your hair a gentle massage with this mixture, 2 to 3 times, weekly. Do this at night. Wash hair with herbal shampoo the next day. Curry leaves are a power-house of Vitamin B. It helps in re-establishing the melamine pigment in your hair follicles. It thus forestalls further turning of grey hair. It is rich with Beta-Keratin, which furthermore helps in preventing premature hair fall. This home remedy for the prevention of premature grey hair is very commonly followed.

Powdered Shikakai

Prepare a paste of powdered Shikakai and yogurt for grey hair care. Apply generously into the scalp. Wash off with Luke-warm water after thirty minutes. Shikakai powder is one of the famous Ayurvedic powder for ages. It gifts hair with shine and health. It acts as a natural hair cleanser while reducing premature grey hair. Therefore, use it regularly to be a gainer, and flaunt your locks with style.


Be a sensible individual in adding shine and luster to your gracious locks. No one wants to fall prey over the premature greying of hair. As long as the greying of hair continues, it is recommended never to open the harmful chemical bottles. Your natural remedy is adequately present in your home kitchen. Be a practical individual and shun the premature growth of grey hair. Be a proud owner’s hair full of health and shine!


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