How Can You Achieve Mindfulness in Daily Life

 How Can You Achieve Mindfulness in Daily Life

Achieve Mindfulness

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Mindfulness is a practice that can help polish your cognitive abilities. It can help you with your memory, concentration, and hyperactivity. The concept of mindfulness is nothing new. It is preached in Tibet and is known as Samantha. Samantha is believed to lead to a higher cognitive plane, that helps you contemplate your actions.

Think about what causes you pain. Help to rectify the error in your ways and calm down your mind. Mindfulness is best practiced as a form of meditation. You can learn to meditate and achieve a healthy and peaceful life. Meditation has many types and all of which eventually lead to mindfulness.

Letting Your Mind Wander Meditation

How often have you been scolded for daydreaming as a child? What was the typical situation when your thoughts drifted away from the topic at hand? Most of the time, it is seen that whenever a boring discussion arises, our mind starts to drift away.

For children, it generally occurs during studying. In the case of adults, it occurs in the company of someone they find unpleasant. Lack of rest is often attributed to daydreaming. But recent studies indicate that daydreaming (the term used is “mind wandering”) can actually help. Your mind may wander into a different world in the middle of an important discussion. But that might just help you solve the problem at hand unusually and creatively.

A study into this was conducted which showed that tasks that involve heavy thinking could often be accomplished better during non-optimal hours. What it means is that you have better chances of solving a problem by working when you are not used to working.

The best thing here is that mind-wandering can be combined with meditation. Meditation helps you get better control over your cognitive faculties. Letting your mind wander meditation helps you to think about things that might seem irrelevant but are intuitively connected. The combination can help you get full access to your mind.

Bursts of Mindfulness

Bursts of mindfulness occur when we are motivated. This is generally when we embark on a new endeavor. You can channel these episodes of mindfulness more productively. Meditation and rational thinking can help preserve this mindset for a long period of time.

Many people confuse mindfulness with concentration although they are completely different. Concentration lets you focus your attention on a specific topic. It helps your mind adhere to that topic. Meditation, however, offers more freedom to our minds. Mindfulness can be thought of as a combination of both. Mindfulness or Samantha ( as it is known as in Buddhist Culture) offers you a way to increase your concentration.

The thing about mindfulness is that it is like light rays. The light might seem continuous, but the light is made up of small packets of energy called quanta. This gives the light a particle nature. Quite similarly, you can practice mindfulness but only in bursts or episodes. You can eventually increase the duration or frequency as your concentration increases, but it is a journey of many steps.

Learn to Meditate

Learn To Meditate

Meditation has many health benefits. Many disorders that require costly medication and prolonged treatment can be overcome easily with meditation. Likes of these include ADHD, high blood pressure, stress-related disorders like hypertension, get rid of anxiety and more.

Meditation is not that difficult you can learn to meditate and reap multiple benefits. Contrary to what popular movies show, you do not need to go to China, Tibet or India. You don’t need to clad yourself in orange or anything.

You can start by finding a quiet and private place. Somewhere no one would disturb you. Meditation requires focus. You cannot have an interruption. Next, you need to get into a comfortable pose. Most choose the lotus pose for sitting. But if your medical condition prevents you from such poses, then you can go with something that keeps your spine straight ( just don’t sleep on your bed).

Next, try to start by focusing on your breathing pattern. A continuous and regular breathing pattern is necessary. You have taken the essential steps. Next, try to focus on something that calms you.

While you can meditate at any time of the day, choosing a time after you wake up is preferable. Your mind is fresh, and the body is energetic. This is the best condition you can have. If you choose a time when you are generally tired out, you will fall asleep. You choose a time when you are thinking of something else; you would lose focus continuously. Meditation is not like a health drink. It won’t energize you. It will help you focus your energy and metal resources more productively.Breathe Deeply Meditation and improve your sleep position.

Deeply Meditation

Meditation comes in many forms. Some require regular breathing patterns; some require you to take deep breaths in order to relieve the tension. The steps to do it is almost the same as that of mindfulness meditation form. You start with a position that keeps your spine straight. You also need to make sure that your shoulders do not droop at any point. Drooping of shoulders signals loss of focus. It also shows that you might be tired or bored.

You need to have a single point of focus. This would help you concentrate. Start by breathing regularly. Normal breathing at first. Then gradually move on to deep breaths. Inhale, count to five mentally and then slowly exhale. Repeat the process. At one point, you would want to yawn. Do not stop it by force. Instead, go with the flow. But at the same time, do not lose focus.

Breathe deeply meditation will help you improve your respiratory system. Normally, our breathing pattern only allows the minimum possible oxygen intake. But meditation with deep breaths allows oxygen to reach to every part of your body. The oxygen-rich blood helps your brain attain higher functioning capabilities.

Practice Yoga Meditation

Yoga is a gift to modern society. The concept of yoga is believed to have originated from India. It has multiple health benefits. With yoga, you can attain peak mental and physical condition. This is because yoga focuses on both mind and body. All yoga poses have special meanings.

Practice yoga meditation and focus on a muscle group like hamstrings or triceps. At the same time, the aesthetics of yoga increase your focus and concentration. There are many yoga poses that can focus on different parts of our body.

Poses like Vajrasana, help our digestive system. Poses like Surya Namaskar involves almost all major muscle groups. You can even focus on your core to improve your balance. Breathing is an important part of Yoga. You must maintain a constant breathing pattern while doing Yoga. Not doing so can even lead to shortness of breath and unconsciousness. Yoga takes time to master. But one can always perform yoga meditation with easy poses like Tadasana, utkatsana, anulom-vilom, and kapaal Bhaati.



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