Tips for Starting a Mindfulness Meditation

 Tips for Starting a Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation

amazing health benefits

You cannot just start with mindfulness meditation the process of mastering it takes time. It is not like some web series you can start to being watch and lo! It’s done! No, mindfulness is something you get gradually. Many people have tried to master it and failed. Lack of conviction and discipline is regarded as the cause. The thing is, while mindfulness can take some time to master, it does bring with its amazing health benefits. Even the costliest medication programs also cannot provide you with this.

Control anxiety Meditation

anxiety Meditation

What makes you anxious? Is it something someone said? Is it something you saw? Or do you constantly worry about what might or might not happen? Anxiety is a problem that can affect your life on multiple counts. It can make you a less sociable person. It can create tension between you and your close ones. In the end, it will drive you nuts.

The common thing to do in this situation is turning towards medication. Anxiety medication has been around for ages now. These are also regarded as one of the most addictive forms of medications, which is why many people suffering from anxiety require help to get off anxiety drugs once they get hooked on.

Meditation is a natural and painless solution to anxiety. Don’t believe us? Many studies have been conducted on the matter. One even includes the effect of meditation on your brain. All of them come up with positive results. Meditation can help you get rid of anxiety. It can help make you a calmer and thoughtful person. And it has proven health benefits.

Reduce Age-Related Meditation

Reduce Age-Related

Meditation does have some interesting health benefits. It is as close as you can get to a miracle drug. But meditation certainly won’t stop you from aging. If you think that by meditating you will be able to stay young always and forever, you are wrong. But meditation will help you to stay younger longer. It will help you have higher cognitive functions than those who do not meditate.

One of the most important studies conducted into the matter was by a group of scientists at UCLA. The aim was to observe the effects of meditation on aging. The study included mapping the brain of some 50 people who mediate against those who don’t. It was discovered that meditation could actually increase the thinking capacity of the brain. Those who meditate were found to have a more active and high-working brain than those who don’t. For old people who start to meditate, it is almost similar to de-aging.

Have you ever heard about Sri Aurobindo? If not then do a search on him. If was a yoga and meditation practitioner. He was also an Indian freedom fighter. He used to meditate daily. It is said after he died, the glow did not leave his skin for two days. Such is the effect of meditation on our aging. It can give you younger-looking skin and an active mind.

Control Pain Meditation

Control Pain Meditation

Pain occurs as our mind processes it. Meditation offers you a way to expand your mind, control it. Therefore, with meditation, you can control the pain that you feel. Your pain can be physical, like from an injury or it can be a metaphysical pain from some trauma. Either way, mediation can help you control the pain. It is like counseling.

Consider this, with mindful meditation you getaway to focus on what’s causing you that pain whether it is something serious or superficial. Medication and therapy can always work on the physical aspect. But when it comes to coming up with the pain, you can get help from meditation. Because at its core, meditation consists of passive awareness and observance. If you are a Samantha practitioner, you face the causes of the pain without confronting them.

It won’t heal the pain; it won’t cure the cause. But it will certainly make it easy for you to tolerate that pain. Cope with it, live with it without becoming its slave. That is something that most physical therapies cannot provide. And because of meditation focus on the core of your brain, your pain tolerance increases. You will gradually notice a difference in how you are feeling the pain.

Daily Meditation For Anxiety

If you regularly meditate, then you have great focus. You have discipline and aesthetics. Meditation, as mentioned earlier, is a proven remedy for anxiety. It does not involve costly therapy. It does not involve you taking some drugs whose name you cannot even pronounce. All it requires is for you to look deep into the cause. You yourself will be able to find the solution. That is what makes mediation the best solution.

Meditating daily for just about a duration of 20 minutes can work wonders. It can help you reign in all that fear, that worry and channel it into something productive. Meditation can even help you combat disorders like addictions to something, panic attack, social anxiety, and ADHD. The last part affects children more than adults.

If you are suffering from depression, mindful meditation can help you focus on the cause of that depression. Because the very first of Samantha or mindfulness is to focus on your breathing, it gives you a way to focus on yourself effectively. Next up is you let all the emotions, the provocative thoughts flash across your mind. This helps you realize the root of your problem. And once you have a hold of that, you can easily come up with a solution. Thus, a meditation on a regular basis can help you against depression and anxiety.

Meditation For Lower Blood Pressure

Lower Blood Pressure

Meditation is shown to have reduced stress. It helps you contemplate your actions. This further gives you a way to plan ahead. Contemplative meditation is regarded as the ultimate form of mindfulness. It can help you get rid of negativity. It can help you pinpoint the company which causes you those problems.

Studies have shown that meditation can help you lower your blood pressure. Because meditation takes away the stress you have, you have fewer things to worry about. This lowers the blood pressure of an aggravated person. It can also help with hypertension.



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