Mindful Meditation Yoga And Buddhism The Power Triangle

 Mindful Meditation Yoga And Buddhism The Power Triangle

Mindful Meditation

Yoga And Buddhism

Practicing mindful meditation is essential to provide a soothing and calm appeal to your mental aspects. It tends to increase mindfulness and emotional strength, as well. Meditation is the perfect savior of notorious habits like drinking, smoking or Drug abuse. Many people who suffer from problems like depression, stress, and fear of failures practice meditation and reap decent benefits out of it. The proper balance in the physical and mental aspects of a human being ensures a flawless and stress-free life. But in this modern era of sophistication and irrelevant habits, Meditation is becoming an extinct commodity. Meditation doesn’t seem to be the cup of tea for the modern generation; Therefore, they are involved in many complexes and pleasurable routines like physical workout or dancing activities to relive themselves from the hectic schedules. Thus some of the reasons why people don’t follow Meditation are:

No time for practicing mindful meditation

practicing mindful meditation

The hectic and tiring schedule of 9-hour jobs proves to be too much for an average individual. They inculcate in habits like gaming or other light sporting activities rather than many time-consuming activities like meditation and yoga. The meditation tends to take a fair bit of time to show results, but the youth in this modern era believes in Quick and effective solutions. Therefore  Meditation, the proven and prevailing method from the ancient times, seems to be replaced by the impeccable modern techniques in this modern era. People spend hours in social media activities like chatting and believe that it is an apt method to relieve stress rather than inculcating much complex meditation habits in their routines. Meditation shows effective results by investing in proper time and methods. But the youth occupies most of their time in a fun and thrilling elements like clubbing and other exotic places to relax.

Not many people prefer mindful meditation around them

influence themselves

People tend to influence themselves with the activities prevailing around them. But we tend to get attracted to fun-loaded and intriguing activities rather than the boring and dull activities. Therefore, practicing mindful meditation doest gather many enthusiasts. The peer pressure in this modern era is getting rid of all the essential activities, which is a grave concern. For instance, when a good student exposes himself to the surroundings of some notorious students, the chances of his failures tend to increase.

The reason is that the magnitude of bad habits overpowers the traits of good habits. The same thing happens to the people in this modern generation. These attractive and glittering paces tend to conceal the lethal consequences behind their glorious appeal. But the youth in this modern era doesn’t seem to waste time in thinking about the merits and demerits of activities. Therefore prominent peacemaking activities like meditation and yoga are diminishing. But there are many people who tend to follow the stern and determined meditation practices, the harder the work put in, sweeter benefits are reaped in the future.

Complex meditation practices are for Buddhists and Monks

Complex meditation

People tend to get intimidated by the extremely complex and arduous practices of the Buddhists and the monks. The Buddhists and Monks motivate themselves to concentrate for numerous hours. Therefore, it gives an impression to the average people that such activities tend to show results only if incredible determination and concentration are encouraged. But, Buddhism is not about doing certain activities as an inevitable part of their lives. They ensure to gain wisdom and harmony through the incredible concentration and emphasize on the positive elements of the meditation. Therefore, the meditation doesn’t limit itself to only the Buddhists and monks but for any human being who wants to bring inner peace within himself.

Practicing mindful meditation doesn’t enhance physical growth

enhance physical growth

One of the most prominent reasons why people don’t consider meditation and prefer Working out instead is physical growth. Meditation is a proven method for internal peace and eliminating the negative frailties from the mind. But it doesn’t ensure the enhancement of the physical growth of your body. Therefore, Working out in the gym is the best alternative that the youth consider. Through meditation and yoga tend to improve digestion, facial glow and other ailments inside the body, but it doesn’t enhance the structure of the body. The youth in this modern generation believes in the uses of supplements, which increases the efficiency of the results drastically. But don’t seem to throw light on their lethal consequences. The modern generation is attracted by the results but not the serious causes of the exploitation caused by these artificial products.

Mindful meditation takes time to show results

meditation Result

The longevity of the processes of meditation is massive and enormous. The Buddhist and monks tend to relax and concentrate for thousands of hours and then experience the salvation from these incredible mythological practices. But for an average man to practice for these many hours, it seems mind-boggling. Thus, they inculcate themselves in time-saving yet enthralling experiences of modern activities. The sole purpose of the monks and Buddhists is their meditation and pious practices. But an average human cant bear the stress of concentrating for these many hours, considering the hectic loads of their busy lifestyles. Thus, the complex and tiring aspects of the meditation processes enable an average man to think of a convenient activity. These activities must be practiced under the supervision of the experts to reap decent benefits out of the whole process.

People believe that meditation ensures escaping reality

depression and stress

An individual practices meditation to ensure the elimination of the irrelevant commodities in their minds. Thus, it eliminates the root causes of the depression and stress prevailing in the internal structures of the human body. But people tend to see the different side of it and believes that meditation helps one to escape from reality and indulge in these methods to overcome their failures. People tend to believe that start meditation and yoga are for the weak –hearted people who don’t seem to be capable enough to deal with their professional and personal lives. But, this depends on the attitude and the perception of the individual in concern. Meditation is for all those who want to amend the process of leading their lives and not escape from reality. The modern techniques seem to influence the youth in such a manner that they tend to create flaws in its alternatives.

People don’t figure out the right way for doing meditation

right way for doing meditation

After numerous outings in the calmest and placid environments, people still are not able to extract an adequate way of performing the mindful meditation practices. The poor execution and reckless attempts make it quite impossible for the exercises to show the desired results. Therefore, people tend to avoid such time-consuming and complex exercises to ensure a decent time for other fun exercises. It is quite difficult to extract and reap the useful benefits out of incorrect forms and practices. This method is valid for all the activities prevailing around you. The gradual improvements in the processes enable the individual to create a craving for certain processes. And a certain improvement in the consequences of the meditation practices would be experienced. But if an individual is not willing to invest the time in the practices, it becomes difficult to fetch appropriate results.

Lack of will power and determination in pursuing Meditation

pursuing Meditation

Meditation is one such practice that ensures the best possible results only with an appropriate and systematic schedule. But many people lack the will power and enthusiasm to inculcate such habits of tiring and arduous sessions. The mental demand for the activity becomes too much of a concern for young people. These youngsters seem more willing to take part in time-saving and eventful lifestyles. Meditation might be plain and less entertaining, but once it becomes part of your daily routine, it tends to cure everything. Human beings tend to create a habit out of any activity on an average in 66 days. Thus, only two months of dedication and resilience would be enough to make the most of this supernatural remedy of treating your depleted mental state and worries.

People believe in the myths of gymming

myths of gymming

People tend to believe in the superstitions and beliefs which have been prevailing since ancient times. They think that if an individual indulges in Meditation practices, it becomes quite difficult to get out of isolation. They tend to escape the realms of the real world and eliminate the thoughts of living in the modern world. Thus, the youth believes that they would not be able to come out of the vast ocean of mindful meditation.


Mindful meditation practices are extremely arduous and demand determination and inspiration to follow. But the modern generation undertakes convenient and convincing methods without looking at their grave concerns. But if you practice these exercises in your daily routines, they are capable of eliminating all the problems.

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