Try homeopathy for hair issues

 Try homeopathy for hair issues

homeopathy for hair issues

hair issues

All of you are well aware that hair fall is the biggest issue these days. Premature greying, itchiness, excess hair fall, sebum buildup, dandruff, and baldness are the major issues. Most of such problems if not controlled at the initial stage can prove fatal and dangerous. We need to identify the issue and take proper treatment. There are a lot of products available in the market that claim to stop hair problems to some extent but that it is a big task to choose the product as the market is flooded with numerous products. It is more confusing, frustrating, and irritating. But first of all, we need to understand the nature of the problem and the reason behind that. We need to find out the root cause of the problem for any reliable solution and Permanently Cure Dandruff.

The first thing that you need to identify is-

Types of hair-First we need to understand what is our hair type. Is it

a) Oily-If our scalp is oily, we don’t need oil treatment but clean scalp therapies.

b) Dry-If our hair type is dry, we need to nourish the scalp, need to provide it with moisture to solve any hair issue.

c) Combination-When our hair is a combination of oily and dry how we can tackle the hair issues by providing the necessary supplements and therapies.

d) Is the problem specific to the head only or other body parts too like eyebrows, chest, beard, etc

After understanding the hair types, we need to get the treatment and therapies according to hair types. The thing is we need to focus on the root cause of the problem before trying alternate treatments, therapies, and medications.

Reasons behind hair issues

Reasons behind hair issues

There are many reasons behind hair issues. When the hair comes out with the roots, it may be a matter of concern and if it lasts for some months and years then it needs to be tackled. Some hair problems get sorted out with time, season, and treatments but the major ones need to be identified early. Let me discuss now what are the possible reasons behind hair issues

1)Stress-Stress, depression, and anxiety are part of our lives today. That takes a toll on our health including our hair. The day-to-day pressure is alarming and is the major cause of concern. The hair health gets deteriorated and the problem starts with minor hair fall which later turns into baldness patches. Stress is the major cause of hair fall these days.

2)Lack of nutrients-Lack of nutrients in the body is the other major cause of hair issues. The three main ingredients necessary for hair health are Folic acid, Vitamin B-12, and vitamin D. Any imbalance in these three nutrients or either of these can cause hair issues. So proper levels of these nutrients are good for hair health.

3)Scalp issues-Healthy scalp leads to healthy hair. Scalp issues such as sebum buildup and other scalp infections are also responsible for hair issues. Scalp issues if left unwarranted may lead to severe consequences and lead to major hair issues. So it needs to be identified and treated on time.

4)Thyroid– Our thyroid gland is also responsible for hair issues. If you don’t have stress, no scalp issues, and no lack of nutrients but still facing hair problems, then you need to get yourself tested for thyroid. A thyroid test will help you to diagnose and identify if your hair problem is due to thyroid imbalance or not.

5)Hormonal imbalance In some cases hormonal imbalance is also the major cause of hair health. The hormones are not in proper balance which disrupts the healthy functioning of the body including hair health and are the major reason for hair fall. Hormonal imbalance needs to be identified and tackled immediately which can help to sort out other major issues too.

6)Conditional hair fall-Some hair fall are confined to a particular situation such as hair fall after childbirth, Hairfall after certain treatment such as chemotherapy, Hairfall issues after some illness, and hair problems after consuming some drugs or therapies. These types of hair issues need to be diagnosed at an early stage and need proper treatment.

You need to diagnose the problem first and then need to take the appropriate treatment. Allopathic treatments and harsh chemicals don’t always work. The need of the hour is to follow some holistic approach that works wonders by reaching the root cause of the problem. Homeopathic treatments are known as no-side effect therapies which need to give a try if nothing works with hair problems.

Homeopathy and hair issues-

Homeopathic treatments are used for ages to tackle health problems. It solves health issues by reaching the root cause. It is a soft treatment that does miracles. It is safe at any stage of life and for any human being i.e from pregnancy, for toddlers, and at any stage of life.

Holistic therapy

A homeopathy is a holistic approach. It treats the problem as a whole. It does the overall healing of the mind and body. It is known as a pseudoscience.. It is based on the concept that the body has its healing system. It does not fix the problem instantly but treats the problem from the root cause.

It treats the problem as a whole

Homeopathy doesn’t consider hair issues as only one but treats the whole function of the body. It works on the concept of vitality which helps you get lustrous locks and healthy hair from roots.

No side effects

Homeopathic medicines are prepared from plants, animals, and minerals. These are safe, natural, and effective to treat any hair problems and start from the roots. These medicines don’t only treat the root cause of the problem but also give vitality to the hair and helps in the re-growth of hair without harming the body system.

It tries to reach the root cause of the problem

Homeopathy believes in the concept of individualism. It means the problem is specific and the same treatment can work differently on different individuals. It is based on lower the dose more the benefit. Its detailed approach and questionnaire prepared by a homeopath help to identify the exact solution of the hair problem and thus the treatment become easy.

Improves the quality of hair

Homeopathy helps to get you the quality of hair that you want. It is safe and effective. It works on sorting out the minor hair issues, treating them, helps to get vitality and growth to the hair. The people who have tried alternate therapies must give a thought to homeopathy for better results.

Gives long-lasting relief

Homeopathy gives long-lasting relief from hair issues including hair fall, baldness, and other such problems. The treatment can be repeated if advised. It will help you to get long, strong, healthy, and lustrous hair.



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