Tips to manage hair in monsoon

 Tips to manage hair in monsoon

Manage hair in monsoon

Hi friends, I am sure all of you love to look the hair at their best in every weather. But sometimes it is not the ‘best hair day’. The problem becomes grave in the monsoon season. The hot and humid weather makes it difficult to manage the hair nicely. The hair becomes frizzy, looks unmanageable, becomes dull and dry and difficult to style. It ruins your hair look badly.

The scalp is oily but the hair looks dry and damaged. It is a very common problem and I am sure almost all of you must have experienced it and the most common associated problem is hair fall. These unhealthy hair days makes you stressed and as a result in more hair fall.

 manage hair in humid weather

How to manage hair in humid weather

We get a lot of sweat in the humid weather. We cant deal with hair sweat in an easy manner. The most common way is washing the hair. But washing the hair on a daily basis makes the necessary moisture out of the hair to look even more dull and lifeless. So its better to wash the hair thrice a week or on alternate days. Now I am going to discuss the effective tips to manage hair in humid weather.

Valuable tips to healthy-looking hair in humid weather-Here are some of the tips which might help you and makes the hair manageable and smoother.

Valuable tips to healthy-looking hair in humid weathe

a)Right kind of shampoo-To stop hair fall in humid weather it is a must to choose the right kind of shampoo that best suits your hair needs. I will definitely like to share my experience. I use a herbal and sulfate-free shampoo on regular basis which makes the hair smooth and silky as well. But in humid weather it becomes difficult to take the dirt n excess oil out of my hair due to the same shampoo. Then I concluded that needs some strong frizz-free shampoo which better suit my hair types. I changed my shampoo and results were surprisingly good. It is better to use your normal shampoo when the weather is normal too. So you need to decide a right kind of shampoo according to your hair types. There a a variety of shampoos available in market which customise the right needs of your hair and helps in solving the hair problems and Manage hair in monsoon.

b)A good conditioner and deep cleansing once a week-I will always prefer to suggest a right kind of conditioner. After washing the hair needs a protective layer of conditioning which makes them look and feel healthier. It protects hair damage due to breakage and tangles. Deep cleansing of hair is also a must. Do proper hair massage, a good hair cleanser, a good hair scrub and mask which helps the roots breathe properly and as a result makes the hair smooth, shiny and frizz-free.

c)More frequent hair wash-Hair hygiene is a must in monsoon season too. Infact its a challenge to keep the scalp clear. Some people love to wash hair on daily basis. It takes the excess moisture out of the scalp and makes the hair dry n frizzy. So I would rather suggest to wash the hair on alternate days or thrice a week if your hair types is oily. It keeps a balance on maintaining the natural oil of the hair an d keeping the hair frizz-free.

d)I always prefer hair food or multivitamins in weak hair season-I hope all of you must have used multavitamins which helps to stop hairfall when the problem becomes out of control. I use the multivitamins in and around the humid weather which I am pretty sure is the weak hair season. This hair food which is in the form of pills and other substitutes.

e)Avoid over-styling the hair-Try to avoid the cumbersome and lengthy hairstyles. Yes,you got it right. Try simple hairstyles in this season which will involve less hair breakage. Ironing, straightening and curling and other such treatments must also be restricted for special occassions. This will help stopping the hair breakage and hair and Manage hair in monsoon.

f)Try avoid damp hair-Try to keep the hair dry. If you come from outside immediately wash the hair. The rain water may make the hair problem worse and results in more hairfall and breakage. If you go out make sure that the hair dont get wet.

g)Change your oiling habit-Never underestimate the benefits of oiling of the hair in any weather condition including monsoon.. The roots of the hair becomes weaker in humid conditions. The hair roots needs to be well nourished and oiled properly. As far as my personal experience is concerned I never keep the oil overnight in this weather. Better use the oil 2-3 hours before hair wash. Dont forget to apply oil till the ends. You can use any oil of your choice for hair massage. It is more beneficial if the oil is lukewarm. Try avoiding castor oil in this season as it is sticky or you can add other oils to it and a very little amount of castor oil and Manage hair in monsoon.

h)Nutritious diet-A good diet is a key to healthy body and healthy hair as well. In humid weather the hair roots become weaker. So it is of utmost importance to keep a healthy and nutritious diet. Include green vegetables, fresh fruits,broccoli,spinach,berries,sweet potatoes and other seasonal fruits and vegetables available to you. Include vitamin C rich citrus fruits and foods in your diet. Vitamin E rich foods also helps to solve not only skin issues but hair problems too. Healthy food is the key to a healthy hair and helps to solve the hair issues in hot and humid weather too.

Home remedies to make hair healthier and shiny-

Home remedies for hair growth

In other pieces of writing too I have shared that I am a huge follower of home remedies which eases and soothes the problem from root cause. In humid weather also it is a must to use homemade or you can say some home remedies. Now I am going to share some home remedies which you can follow in humid weather and if find it easy and beneficial can use the whole year too.

Lemon and honey

Lemon and Honey

As know lemon is a very good cleanser and honey is a very good moisturizer. The combination of both helps to take out the excess dirt and oil out of the scalp and moisturizing the hair roots. Take two tablespoon full of honey. Add half lemon to it. You can also increase the quantity according to the hair volume. Apply it on hair roots and wash after 2 hours in cold water. Try to repeat it twice in a week. You can see the visible difference in hair and Manage hair in monsoon.

Apple Cider Vinegar-

Apple cider detox

The benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar)to hair is vital. Take 3 parts of water and one part of ACV and make a dilution. Apply it on hair roots as well as on full hair too. Wash hair after half an hour. It nourishes the hair and is a very good conditioner for hair. U can use it after shampooing by adding the same dilution to the hair and don’t need to rinse after that. It helps in hot and humid weather conditions too as it helps to keep the scalp and hair smooth and silky hair.

Yoghurt and lemon-

yogurt and lemon

Take half cup of yoghurt and add half lemon to it. Apply it on scalp and wash the hair after an hour with cold water. It takes out excess dirt and oil out of the hair and makes it softer, shinier and nourishes the scalp which helps to solve the hair issues.

Fruit mask-

Fruit Mask for Hair

You can use any fruit mask like banana or avocado mask. It protects the hair from environmental adversities and helps to give a natural conditioning to the hair. Fruit masks are a good source of deep conditioning and nourishment for the hair.



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