Self wellness write your diary every day

 Self wellness write your diary every day

Self wellness

self wellness

Hello friends, I am sure most of you must be writing your diary. If no then try it. It is a great way to open your heart. Some things you cant express, some emotions you cant display, some waves of anger you don’t show and many more unexpressive things are hard to describe. You cant tell your story or thing to everybody. You have the fear that they will leak your secret or will mock you. But one thing you can do is to write your diary where you are free to write anything. You don’t have to think twice before writing as you do while speaking. You write your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and much such mental clutter which you cant express or tell anybody. The beautiful piece of writing will give you a peaceful sleep. Try it.

Why it is important to write your diary-

Write your diary

There are a lot of reasons which are positive to write your diary. It gives us our own space to write our thoughts and emotions on a piece of paper. It is a great therapy to control emotions and you feel light. Now I am going to focus on why it is important to write your diary and what are the benefits of writing your diary.

It is good for emotional health-Writing a diary every day is good for your emotional well-being. Writing daily makes it easy to recall every petty and minute thing that you have gone through in the day. It makes you feel better, stress-free, and sorted. You will be surprised to see the amazing benefits after writing your heart out on a piece of paper. A person will get an emotional channelized when he/she gets a good mate to share the things with and which cant be better than your diary. It’s a sheer joy to share your personal experiences with yourself and your diary is a good buddy too.

You can analyze your feelings later- Sometimes you have a different outlook towards a person or situation. We find it difficult to manage our behavior in a particular situation. Your feelings and emotions are on an all-time high and you find it difficult to reach a particular decision. Take a break, think, write down your situation which you find to define or explain to someone else. Write your hardcore feelings. Give yourself sufficient time and space and analyze things calmly. I am sure most of you agree that it will help you to take a crystal clear decision. Read your diary again to see what can be the next best possible step.

You can’t remember everything- You are a human being, not a computer. It is difficult to remember or recall everything. Writing a diary every day makes you sorted and well-prepared. Despite being a good memory, you can’t remember everything. Write down, note down, and keep a check on every minute detail of your life. Nothing can be a better mate than a personal diary for this.

Relationships call for dignity. You cant scream, yell or thrash anyone- Our day-to-day relationships are so complicated and take a mental toll on your health. You have to maintain personal dignity in the relations. It becomes contradictory as you need to be quiet when you have to talk as situations and your position or dignity don’t allow you to be more expressive. In such circumstances, the personal diary is the best way to write down your emotions and feelings. You can’t yell at a friend because he misbehaved or you feel like thrashing a colleague because of his unfair means. You cant be like no one else. But you can open your heart in your personal space which is your diary. You will feel calm and relaxed after writing down your emotions. You can think upon later what course of action you can apply to him/her.

It is a treasure-Your personal diary is so close to your heart which has seen your good and bad days and a great and faithful friend of yours which will not unleash your secrets but keeps it with themselves. It is a great treasure that takes you back down memory lane. It is an asset that is so close to your heart and much more precious as it is a piece of your heart.

Best way to declutter your mind- Your agonies and ecstasies are all in one place. Our mind is so complex and difficult to control. Writing a diary every day is the best way to pour your heart on the pieces of paper. When you write down everything you think and feel, it makes your nerves relieved and helps your mind to calm and relax. When your mind is calm, it becomes easy to get a feeling of contention.

Get a peaceful mind-When the mind is clutter-free and sorted, it gives a peaceful mind and peaceful sleep. You get time and space for better things in life. Write down how your day has been, your month has been, How you can be a better person, and how you can be more composed in terms of actions. Train your mind to be positive and happy and write down every petty positive feedback.

What you can write in your diary?

Your diary is a very special thing. So you need to write whatever you feel about a particular person, situation, thing, occasion, feeling, memories, or places whatever you are feeling to write about. There is no specific feature of a personal diary. Your diary is a reflection of your heart and thoughts. Try to feed it with positive things and positive vibes. There are a lot of things which you can share in your diary.

a)A good thing-You go through a lot of good things in your life which need to be a part of everyone’s life. A thing which you can’t forget and which needs to be appreciated. The thing is so special. It can be anything. It is a feel-good factor. Value that thing, write it down and read it often about that thing. I am sure you will feel happy and satisfied.

b)  A good person– In life we meet a lot of people. Some leave prints on our hearts. Some people are destined to meet. Those are very special people. Write about them, what you felt about them and how you can be associated with them. We can learn a lot from such people and such good souls need to be a part of our diary.

c) Good quotes-Good quotes must never be undermined. Write down anything which you feel is rotating in your mind. Our mind is forgetful. So write down good, inspirational, and motivational quotes in your life. They give signals to your mind towards positivity and to lead a good life.

d) A good note-A good note which you wrote when your kid brought laurels to the school or a good note when the kid learned the bicycle independently needs to be a part of your diary. These small notes hold a very big impact on our hearts and play a vital role in making the day superb.

e) A beautiful memory-Some memories bring a smile on the lips every time we think about them. Write these memories. They make your days on some low-feeling days. These memories are so precious. Value them and write down what helped you gain those memories. These are memories to cherish for a lifetime. This memory can be about anything a person, a place, a thing, and the list is endless.

f) A precious thing-Some things are so close to heart. These things can be antiques, childhood clothes, an old personal diary of your parent, your favorite hat, your favorite dress which makes you feel good and brings a smile to your face. These things are a part of our being. Take proper care of them, write about them and also think about how you can make better use of those things.

g) A place close to your heart-Some places leave us mesmerized. They can never be forgotten. In dreams, we visit those places. It means they are in our conscious and subconscious minds. Write down about these places, what you like and feel about these places, and often read about them. It gives you a sense of fulfillment and delight. Make your favorite places a part of your diary.

The list is endless. So pour your heart into your diary. You will feel better, more relaxed and sorted. Make it a habit to write your thoughts and feelings on a piece of paper to clear all the mental clutter which is good to remain stress-free and calm.



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