Negative talk playing huge role in spreading anxiety

 Negative talk playing huge role in spreading anxiety

Negative talk

Spreading Anxiety

People with anxiety is a growing concern which people battle daily. It is hard for people suffering through anxiety to find anything they do pleasing. It usually develops in self-critical people who negative talk about themselves and end up dropping their self-esteem. The critical analysis of oneself can be very blatant, superficial, or exaggerated, which fuels anxiety. It then takes a form of a panic attack which can be mind-numbing or paralyzing to the point the person may lose complete confidence in their beings.

People often disregard anxiety symptoms. It is one of the major mental issues which renders a person useless. Society still considers the mental issue as a sign of a person being weak. When it is not about being too weak to handle anything; it is about the experiences of life that led you to develop these problems. Early stages of these problems start from the negative talk; That you are not good enough, that you are a failure, among other things. If you recognize these problems and understand that you need to change, then you can prevent these from turning into mental issues. With a proper resolution, guidance and practice; nothing can stand in the way for you to become a better person.

The 6-minute method to deliver self from the negative talk will help any person with the way they think and turn them into a more positive person. It should inevitably help people boost their self-esteem and develop confidence. Reduce mental fatigue, excessive sweating, and unsettling brain. Avoid developing mental issues like depression and deal with anxiety. Attract positive things in your life and become a successful person by following these steps.

Understand how negative talk prevails

negative talk prevails

The pattern of the negative talk starts from an early age.  A person develops it according to the experiences they had in life. If you had strict parents who expected too much from you and scolded you, then you will end up becoming critical of yourself. If you had a parental figure absent, then you are most likely to develop self-pity thinking. If you had a parent who appreciated you a bit too much then upon stepping into the real world, your persona might have taken a critical hit for worse that you lose confidence in your capabilities. Teachers and friends play an important role in developing a personality. Simple banter can go a long way into making you feel lowly. Strict teachers may instill fear to face people and degrade your esteem further. 

We need to learn to deal with these situations by staying positive in any situation. We must learn to harness the positive energies and not get affected by the negativity around us to become a better person. But if you are already one of those who negative talk about themselves, then don’t worry because there is always a solution. Just remember that the problems like these are not going to be solved instantly, it takes a routine practice and persistence. 

Influence yourself to avoid negative talk

Influence yourself

The process begins with understanding the things you want to hear. The words that you wished you got to hear more from people. If nobody is saying those things to you, then it’s time to say those things to yourself. You can begin by looking at yourself every morning in the mirror, telling yourself at least one thing for the day. It can range from “You’re the best.” To “I love you.” It does not matter; nothing is too awkward or embarrassing. The thing you say should be what you always wanted to hear, as a child, as an adult, as a partner or as a friend.

Reach deeper. Explore what you truly want to hear. Sometimes motivational music says the things you want to hear, and it is also a good add up for the morning to listen to the music, which would boost your confidence. It will cheer you up. But ultimately you will have to make sure that it is not just something you enjoy, it has to be something you crave to hear someone say. Sometimes voice assistants can be programmed to say these things to you, which triggers the same response as someone else talking to you. By starting on this step, you’re already on your way to become a better person.

Write it and stick it somewhere you can see

Write it and stick

The next step is to write down what you have said to yourself. Write it down on a piece of paper, sticky note, phone, anywhere. A phone wallpaper might do the trick. After finding an appropriate place for you to paste or upload the matter; your brain will subconsciously start to read the lines to start engineering your mind. It will function as a reminder about what you need to tell yourself every day to get closer to your goal of ending the negative talk.

Write something new either every day or every week. Make sure that you change it, and it is somewhere you can regularly look at, as many times as possible. Think about something new that you would like to hear. Say it to yourself by looking in the mirror and then stick it. You will start to feel better about yourself. Every successful individual says something positive about themselves every day by looking into the mirror. So you’re not only curing yourself of a troublesome problem, but also turning into a person who accomplishes more.

Engineer your thought process

thought process

Negative talk is not going to end by only following the above steps. They will help you improve, but it is time for you to get to the root of the problems that is your thinking process. The way you think and how to change it from the core. For you to accomplish that: Get ready to grab a pocket diary or a note for each day. You have to write down any negative thought that comes to your mind at any time and the reason behind that negative thought in the next column. The reason can help you understand what prompts the negative talk. Then add the third column and write something positive related to the negative thought that struck your mind. But it needs to be acceptable positive, not immediately opposite positive.

For example: “You’re a failure.” Can not be replaced by “You’re successful.” But something more acceptable by you: “You are not always a failure.” Or “You win some, you lose some.” It can also be “You are a failure, but one day, you will succeed.” Writing texts like these after coming across a negative thought helps engineer your brain and boost your ego. It is important to understand that this step should be initiated each time you talk to yourself about something and criticize yourself. It is a way with the help of which you also change the way you talk to yourself.

Change the way you talk and think

talk and think

Talking to yourself can be one of the healthy or most unhealthy practices depending on the topic of the conversation. If you are constantly beating yourself up and talking yourself down, then you are not going to get into the positive side. But if you construct the conversation full of positive sentences and words, future aims and goals, then you will find yourself heading towards a more progressive way. The above-mentioned methods should already work wonders and help you by changing the way you perceive yourself. You have to understand that the universe works on the law of attraction. You will attract what you think. Which is why people emphasize on thinking positive or having a generally positive outlook at things.

The step begins by changing your thoughts like “What if I fail?” and instead think “What if I succeed?” A simple change of word can establish a positive approach to the situation. By making simple changes at first, your thought process will start to work more on the “I will succeed” mentality for the above-mentioned example. Steadily, you will find yourself thinking from the positive side of the spectrum. Your “I am not good enough.” Will change into “I am not good enough, yet.” And then finally become “I am going to be the very best.” Or even turn into “I love myself.” It will surely bear fruitful results for you.

Be persistent and don’t give up

Donot giveup

People may find even these small changes to be rather laborious or tiring. People often give up because one of the negative thoughts will also be “This is useless.” It is negative self-talk, and you need to follow the writing method for it or anything similar that pops into your brain. When we talk about writing every possible negative thing down, it means everything, and then you have to change that thought process to “It will work.” Believe in yourself.

Be adamant about sticking to the routine and incorporate these steps into your day to day lifestyle; you will experience the change for the good. Your anxious self will find it hard to make a point for you to listen. You will manage to pull yourself through the worst and evolve into a better person with each day passing. Finally, you will deliver yourself from the negative self-talk.



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