How Does Epilepsy Affect Your Life

 How Does Epilepsy Affect Your Life

Epilepsy Affect

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Is It Possible to Have a Normal Life with Epilepsy? What are the effects of epilepsy?

Even if the patient can control epilepsy emergency, there is a chance that it is going to contribute some effect on the patient’s daily life. Many decisions like the place to live, the job to do; need to be taken into consideration.

Apart from that, there are several governmental rules for an epileptic patient to get a driving license. You have to be capable of managing your seizures episodes for wheels’ permission. Also, Isolation from society is one of the significant consequences for people with epilepsy. These people lose control from their brain and body, and always are afraid about different judgments by different people regarding their epilepsy.

Effects of Epilepsy on Memory

Ellect of epilepsy on memory

Memory is one of the vastest concerns for people with epilepsy. The memory of the epileptic patient will get affected in different ways. Unfortunately, in every episode, the patient will not be capable of recalling the information.

Attention and Encoding

It got proved that epilepsy decreases the speed of attention and the rate at which information processed. Additionally, long periods of research demonstrated that numerous types of epilepsy are related to hindrances in supporting consideration with time. Also, another study illuminated that epilepsy shortens the attention span, which is the total number of data and information that an individual can work upon at a given time. Thus, your encoding capabilities also decreased, and you become dull with epilepsy.

Storage Problem

Let us assume that you can successfully encode all the information that your brain is receiving. Yes, it might happen to miss some of the most valuable information due to epilepsy episodes. Several kinds of research proved the fact that epileptic people are most likely to have diminished memory than the non-epileptic ones. Sometimes the information goes to one ear of the person and immediately comes out from the other ear.

Retrieval Problem

In some cases, you may have all the information with you; however, you cannot express it out completely. You encoded all the data accurately. Also, you stored all the information in your head ideally.  But you are not able to retrieve them at the right time. Thus, you cannot get control of the data immediately. This retrieval problem is common in many of the epileptic patients and considered one of the main obstacles. People will not be able to remember the events and things that happened to them earlier. Additionally, scientists suggest that these people will face difficulty in retrieving semantic information, which includes those words or facts that are related to general knowledge.

What Is Lennox-Gas taut Syndrome?

Lennox-Gas taut Syndrome

Lennox-Gas taut syndrome is a highly dangerous condition, where repetitive seizures occur at an early phase of life. The patient gets different types of seizures and impaired mental abilities. One of the most common among them is the tonic seizure, where the muscle gets stiff. It takes place during sleep. Also, sometimes, it takes place when one is wake and can result in a sudden fall. An absence seizure is prevalent in this syndrome. Here, the patient may suffer from complete or partial consciousness. Researchers reported that during this seizure, many face drop attacks. Mainly, it caused when the muscle contracts abnormally and if there is a loss in muscle tone. All those seizures that come under this syndrome cannot be treated using AEDs (anti-epileptic drugs). This syndrome generally takes place to children of ages ranges from three to five.

Researchers claim that many children with this syndrome have got memorizing problems before the seizure begins in them. Besides, some of them grow up with a problem in the behavior, as well as neurological abnormalities. Many children get a reduced growth of motor skills like crawling or sitting. Fortunately, there are very few people who have this syndrome; however, they can live independently and without much worry.

Individuals with Lennox-Gas taut disorder have a higher death threat than their friends of a similar age. Even though the expanded hazard is not entirely comprehended, it is halfway because of ineffectively controlled seizures and wounds from falls.

What Is the Relation between Epilepsy and Aura?

Epilepsy and Aura

Whenever a person gets epilepsy, then there is a high chance that he might get an aura because he has a seizure as well. It defines an experience, feeling, or action that seems different. Also, it can be a sign of warning that a seizure is going to starting.  Because there is a different type of epilepsy accompanied by focal seizures, so it is considerable. Unfortunately, the patient may not notice it. Thus, you might have an aura; however, you are not aware of that. Most of these aura remains for a couple of seconds to a minute. It is an immeasurable tool to know that a seizure is beginning. Thus, a patient will be ready from before to protest against it.

How to Distinguish between an Epileptic Seizure and Pseudo Seizure?

Epileptic Seizure and Pseudo Seizure

Epileptic seizures and pseudo seizure may look the same and may have similar symptoms. The only difference is the reason behind their causes. The first one attacks the person due to the formation of electrical activity in the brain. On the other hand, the pseudo seizure is due to psychological factors. It hits any person whenever he gets overstressed mentally.

Does Pseudo Seizure Is as Critical as Epileptic Seizure?

Pseudo Seizure

Usually, non-epileptic seizures alluded to as pseudo seizures. The word (Pseudo) is a Latin word meaning false. Pseudo seizures are as critical as epileptic seizures. Additionally, in some cases called psychogenic non-epileptic seizures (PNES).

In conclusion, although epilepsy can affect your memory, there will always be a way to live an ordinary life you want to. All that you need to do is to teach yourself how to manage this condition. Upon several epileptic episodes, you will get used to the early symptoms it causes each time. As a result, it is advisable for your precautions instead of collapsing. Assuredly, when we talk about such a disease, you shall know that your psychological state will count. It can turn your life upside down. Thus, do not underestimate the mental pressure you might feel due to your life’s circumstances.

If you ever sense that you are intellectually exhausted, seek professional help. Eventually, no matter how hard you observe that this condition affects your life, always keep in mind that you can pass this phase. Because yes, you can control your episodes easily. It only needs a few practicing for better management. And you can do better with each time till you reach the optimum life while dealing with this disease.

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