Hourglass Figure

 Hourglass Figure

Women all around the world are always concerned about their body shape and figure. One of the most sought after body shape by women is the hourglass figure. An hourglass figure refers to the body with big bust & hips, along with a distinct & well-built waistline. It is also considered to be incredibly amazing because it allows women to flaunt their curvaceous bodies. But one of the most common questions that women ask is how to dress for an hourglass figure?

Therefore, we have prepared the list of best expert tips on how to dress if you have an hourglass figure.


Outfits for hourglass shape

Here are the top dressing ideas for girls and women with curvaceous body shape.

  1. Neck Shapes

Firstly, let’s begin from the top of your body i.e. the neck, shoulders, and collar bone area. You should always find fitting clothes that help you to flaunt your upper body. Thus, always choose tops or blouses with specific neck shapes, such as V, scoop, deep, and boat neck. These types of necks help in preventing the bust from looking larger. Also, avoid wearing tight neck or high neck tops to make your upper body look perfectly toned. You can also wear off-shoulder tops & dresses to give your curvaceous body the perfect look.

  • Highlight Your Waist

For women with an hourglass body, their waist is the main focal point as it’s responsible for defining the body shape. This is because a slim waistline between the large bust and butt makes your body identical to an hourglass. Therefore, you need to wear dresses that highlight your waist and let you flaunt your body figure. Some of the best waist-focused dresses include belted dresses, peplum dresses, and waist-fitted dresses. Also, you can wear a boat-neck top (comfortably fitting your bust) and tuck it in your high-waist jeans. This will help in showing off your perfectly curvaceous body.

  • Don’t Wear Loose-fitting & Too-Tight Clothes

Wearing loose-fitting clothes can hide your curves from view & make your body look like a box. Then again, wearing too-tight clothes can make your bust and butt look bigger. Also, it can be an uneasy experience for you. Thus, it is highly recommended to avoid loose-fitting and too-tight clothing. So you should always wear perfectly fitting clothes that are comfortable for your butt & bust area.

This will also help you feel more cozy & confident always.

  • Avoid Clothes With Extra Material At Butt & Bust Area

The key highlight of the hourglass figure is the bigger bust & butt. Thus, dresses with extra material at the bust & butt area will make them look even larger. That’s why it is recommended for women to wear clothes with no extra fabrics in these areas. This will help in making your body look perfectly curvaceous, rather than heavier.

Clothes for an hourglass shape

As women with an hourglass figure have a well-shaped & slim waistline, clothes with belts is a great choice for them. This is because belted clothes help in highlighting the curves more prominently. Moreover, belted dresses help in keeping the bust and butt area more comfortable. Thus, you can wear various dresses like belted trench coats, peplum dresses, and high-waist jeans, etc.

Put On Perfectly Fitting & Supportive Undergarments

Undergarments play a major role in exhibiting body shape, especially for women. By wearing perfectly fitting and supportive undergarments, you can flaunt your bust and butt better. For example, perfectly fitting seamless underwear will not only keep your butt in perfect shape but also avoid underwear lines. Secondly, wear a bra that is not only comfy & perfectly fitting but also helps in lifting your breasts. This will help in enhancing the appearance of your upper body. Therefore, it is highly recommended to get right-sized undergarments.

How To Dress Perfectly For Various Occasions? Dresses for the hourglass shape

How To Dress Perfectly For Various Occasions

Here are the best ‘how to dress ideas for women with hourglass figure’, during various occasions and events.

  1. Casual Dressing Ideas – Women with hourglass body can easily flaunt their curves with various casual dress ideas. For example, fitted tops with high-waist jeans, skater dresses, a fitted top tucked in mini skirt, crop tops with high-waist jeans, etc. All these dresses will provide you with the perfect & curvy casual looks.
  • Office Dressing Ideas – Do you want to look professional while flaunting your perfect curves? If yes, then you can always implement our office dressing ideas for women with an hourglass body. Thus, you can wear a fitted blouse with formal trousers, belted trench coats, wrap dresses, boat-neck top with flared trousers, and fitted blazers. These dresses will not only offer the perfect office look but also make your curvy body stand out.
  • Special Events Dressing Ideas – Women always love being the center of attraction in special events & parties. If you also have the perfectly curvaceous hourglass body, then you need to highlight it with extraordinary dresses. Some examples of party wear dresses include peplum dresses, empire-waist outfits, belted jumpsuits, cropped jackets, and bodycon dresses, etc. All these dresses will make you outshine everyone by providing the most ravishing look.

The Bottom Line

So these were the expert tips on how to dress for an hourglass figure. By following these ideas in your daily life, you can easily make people go gaga over your amazing curves. Moreover, you can always experiment with your dressing ideas and create your own perfect looks. Everyone can have an hourglass figure depending upon the body type, diet and workout you do to get the figure of your dreams.



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