Balanced approach to deal with a problem child

 Balanced approach to deal with a problem child

deal with a problem child

problem child

Hello friends, I am sure most of you will agree with me that kids have their birthright to do some naughtiness and nuisance, and dealing with them is not an easy task. But some kids’ behavior makes the parents cry. It doesn’t seem good to say so but that’s the reality. They are highlighted at every place due to their abnormal behavior which is more negative and quarrelsome and doesn’t sound rational at all. These kids are the problem for their parents as well as for themselves. It is difficult to deal with such kids. In this piece of writing, I am going to share what are the characteristics or features of the problem child and how to deal with them which is not an easy task.

Let me, first of all, introduce you what are the salient features of the problem child

Characteristics of problem child-The characteristics of a problem child are quite visible. Their looks, facial expressions, and behavior tell it all. They are trouble makers for them as well as for others. They are always desperate to create a nuisance. They cant behave like normal kids. They make the parents cry and always look gloomy, sad unhappy. The highlighted features or characteristics of problem child are as follows-

1)Dependent on the parents for everything


The kid is dependent on you from doing waking up till night. He doesn’t bother about his daily chores. He is lazy and throws away things and gets angry easily. He looks at you for everything. He/she has the habit of messing up whatever comes his way. He is usually destructive and manner less. He will ask for everything even if the parents are busy and will start nuisance when he/she notices that the parent is busy with something important or busy talking over the phone.

2)Harms himself/herself

harm himself/herself

These kids are always busy spilling, throwing, pulling, and scattering the things may it be their toys, books, tv remotes, and dishes, or experimenting with the electronic sockets. In this process, they may harm themselves, their siblings, and others too.



The behavior of such kids is alarming. It is a big challenge for the parents to deal with their behavioral patterns. You can often see them running towards the traffic or running towards the kid-prohibited areas. Their behavior with their peer group is also not good. They show their monopoly in everything, snatch away things from other kids, and have the habit of stealing stuff too.

4)They make some trouble at the blink of an eye

Blink eye

With the blink of the eye they become disappear. It is a tough task for the parents to have strict vigilance on such kids. They trouble themselves with their awkward body movements and gestures.

5)Expressions are gloomy and look pessimistic

gloomy and look pessimistic

You will never see such kids with happy and cheerful faces. They are in hurry and worry all the time. They are restless. They find it difficult to have little patience and find it difficult to understand things.

6)Quarrelsome-Such kids find every possible reason to fight. They invite small fights with their behavior and actions. They fight over every petty issue. They are dominant in their body language and actions. They find their birthright to have everything that doesn’t even belong to them.

7)Habit of picking others’ stuff– These kids have the habit of stealing and picking things and make their peers cry. They don’t find anything wrong in finding it easy to snatch things from their friends. Sometimes parents are not able to identify these things as they find it like the kids do that approach.

8)Don’t have a good image on the peer group-Entry of the problem child is unwelcomed as they are well-known as trouble makers. They are always popular for creating nuisances, making a mess out of everything, and being quarrelsome.

9)They are irresponsible– They find it their birthright to create the scene in public which is quite embarrassing for the parents. Such kids have irresponsible ways to treat everything carelessly. They are lenient with whatever comes their way. They are quite irresponsible and less adaptive.

10)They are quite rebellious-These trouble makers are quite rebellious. They are always busy finding faults with others rather than mending their ways. They find pleasure in acting opposite of what the parents say. It is a tough task to control or manage their behavior by the parents in certain circumstances.

A balanced approach to deal with a problem child-It is not an easy task to deal with a problem child. It is an uphill task to manage the behavior of such kids. You can’t afford to be too strict or too lenient with the kid. It requires a lot of patience and effort on part of parents especially the mothers. These kids need to be handled with love, care, patience, and a lot of energy. Some things need to be focused on if you want to handle a problem child.

a)Beware of unnecessary tantrums

unnecessary tantrums

We cant expect the kids to behave like adults. A certain level of mischief or tantrums is always acceptable. But sometimes these kids cross some limits of dignified behavior. Beware of their unnecessary tantrums. Try to avoid them or ignore them. Don’t give air to their unnecessary tantrums. The kids sense when the parents give away. They wait for that perfect moment. They create the one. So it becomes necessary for the parents to open their eyes and ears, be a little vigilant, and have a lot of patience.

b)Never fulfill all demands-Are u the parent who fulfills all demands of the kids, be it a bar of chocolate, a toy, or a video game? Well, it’s my personal opinion that it loses the charm of getting the stuff in easy hands. The kids become adamant and will value things less as everything is easily accessible to them. Just think over it. It is advisable to tell the kid that it is not suitable for their age or it is too costly or more candies can damage their teeth. Excess of everything is bad. So don’t spoil the kids. Act wisely to make them rational thinkers as childhood years are the base of their life.

c)Praise him for any good behaviour-If the kid has done something good, appreciate him in front of others. The motivational approach is much more powerful than we think. Reward the kid for his good behavior. Encourage him/her to be more consistent in his activities. Motivating a kid can do miracles. He/she will understand the language of love, care, and affection.

d)Try the ‘ignore’ strategy in some matters-It may work for some problem kids-Is your child thrashing his head against a wall to fulfill his demand or the kid is throwing stuff as he knows that will irritate the parents or the kids is using slangs to make the parent shout on them or making them angry?  For example, the child is using slang in front of you after saying no again and again. You have tried every possible way but nothing worked. Try to ignore the thing. Again he will say but be a little patient. Now the child senses this is not making any effect on the parents and not irritating them anymore he will automatically divert. You must try this technique for once.

e)Take the help of counsellor-Some behavioral patterns are a matter of concern and some behavioral patterns need expert advice. Take the help of a good counselor who will help you with the kids’ behavioral patterns and guide your kid to deal with adverse behavioral patterns. It is more beneficial for the kid by supporting his behavioral tendencies. The counselor will aid the kid in finding the reason for appropriate behavior and channelize his/her energy towards better ways of life. Sometimes medications, meditation, and yoga act as good therapy to overcome behavioral disorders.



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