Various Stress Related Health Problems our 10 common picks

 Various Stress Related Health Problems our 10 common picks

Stress problems

Stress Health problems

Just when we the human think everything is easy in our lives, God arises another obstacle amid our growth progress. Be it the global evils, crimes or medical-related issues, we have to deal with problems every step of the way. And when we become formal with the problems, a new one emerges.

Nowadays, people are so accustomed to such problems that they are becoming prone to major social issue-the stress. The effects of stress on our body are such that this problem needs attention and curing at the right time.

The main reason for stress can be linked to pressure in today’s society. This includes performance, perfection, and competition. This has led to an insidious elevation in stress-related problems. The evil is damaging our roots without even letting us know it. The social phenomenon of stress needs consideration and everyone should be aware of it.

1. Depression

It’s no wonder in the fact that depression is the syndrome rooting from stress. Stress is connected to higher rates of depression. A survey suggested that people having stress have higher risks of developing depression as compared to those with lower stress. In our lives, we also face some drastic incidents that lead to depression.

This includes the death of someone you love, a deadly disease, an accident or some fraud. Many emotional personals fall prey to stress in such situations. Also, it is a fact that depression may lead to other health problems such as headaches, trauma or brain problems.

2. Cardiac Diseases

When you are stressed, all of your body organs have to work hard. This is because your body needs extra metabolism to overcome emotional torture. This means that your heart has to work twice as hard as normal in stressful situations. Medical science has doubted the effect of stress on our hearts. However, with results and studies, it was clear that stressful people have a higher risk of high blood pressure and stroke. Stress increases our heart rate and flow of blood through it.

Stress also causes cholesterol releasing into our bloodstream. The same is the case with triglycerides. Stress might also lead to an increase in problems like smoking or obesity. These in turn also increases the risk of cardiac diseases.

In certain situations, we have seen that a sudden increase in stress can trigger cardiac strokes. Problems like heart attacks have high chances in stressful situations. People having chronic illness should always remain away from acute stress. The easy way is to manage a stress-free life.

3. Blood Sugar Level

If you are diabetic, you should simply avoid stress. Blood sugar or diabetes is linked to our heart diseases such as increased blood pressure. Hence, is stress can worsen blood pressure, it can also affect blood sugar levels. Stress increases our chances of exhibiting bad behaviors. It also urges us to unhealthy eating.

People also tend to go for excessive drinking to avoid stress. Stress can also increase glucose levels. This directly affects our blood sugar. Stress is harmful to type 2 diabetes patients. It affects the diseased people by increasing glucose levels.

4. Obesity

You have often heard people saying that obese people tend to become more prone to diabetes. While this is true, stress can also be the reason behind obesity. And here, we need to point out obesity fo the belly. When you get excess fat on the belly, you are prone to health risks. This is more than the health risks on the legs or hips.

People facing stress tend to store fat in the belly mostly. This is because stress releases cortisol hormone. This hormone is responsible for the obesity of fat. This illness caused by stress is a problem most common than others.

5. Asthma

When you are experiencing stress, you become more aggressive or more energetic. This may lead to Asthma, studies suggest. When a patient is going through acute stress, he has a high risk of developing asthmatic diseases. Studies also look at an aspect of how parental stress can affect the rates of asthma in young children.

People opt for smoking due to stress. This increases air pollution and more people may become prone to asthma due to this. Pregnant women when smoke, can lead to baby birth with asthma. Also, kids with stressed parents have higher risks of developing asthma. Apart from the mental effects of stress, there is also a respiratory effect leading to asthma.

6. Gastrointestinal Diseases

If you are wondering about how stress affects your health, you might think about ulcers. Fortunately, stress cannot cause ulcers. However, this doesn’t mean that stress is safe. It can lead to an increase in stress. It is a common reason for developing gastrointestinal cancers. Stress also plays a major role in several GI conditions. Some of these include irritable bowel syndrome and chronic heartburn.

7. Aging

If you love to look younger, you should stay away from stress. Evidence suggests that stress can really change how you age or look. Researchers found that women in stressful situations age faster than those in the unstressed atmosphere. The main reason for stress affecting our aging process is unknown. When you get stressed there are certain hormones released that can spoil your skin. Also, stressed kids tend to get more acne than others.

8. Early Death

Studies suggest that people with stress are 63% more likely to die earlier than others who are not stressed. This relates to the decrease in heart conditions or other conditions like obesity or blood sugar.

9. Headaches

Headaches and common aches are one of the most common stress symptoms, causes, and signs. This happens as we become angry or extremely sad. This exerts pressure on our brain and we experience a headache. Headache also increases when we feel pain in our heart or with a rise in blood pressure level.

10. Alzheimer’s Disease

Studies have found that stress can also increase brain lesions. This can pose a threat to our body through increased chances of Alzheimer’s disease. Overcoming stress can help reduce the progression of this threatful disease.

Identifying Stress

Our human bodies face different kinds of situations every day. While this includes great experiences, it also includes frustrating scenarios. Stress is released in such cases. When we are stressed, the first sign is the release of hormones including adrenaline. Firstly, stress leads to signs such as palpitations. One can also experience anxiety, distress and throat lumps.

The above-written symptoms are for short terms of stress. If you experience stress for a longer time, you can experience more dangerous signs. This affects overall health and well-being. Later symptoms include emotional or behavioral changes. To be precise, there are signs and symptoms of stress:

  • Headache
  • Bad behavior
  • Depression
  • Lack of sleep
  • Irritation without a reason
  • Anxiety
  • Uncalled anger issues
  • Isolation problems
  • Relationship issues
  • Emotional changes
  • Reduction in performance
  • Reduction in confidence
  • Burnout
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Tension in joints
  • Agitation
  • Problem indigestion


Stress is not healthy in any aspect. All of its effects are negatives and hence it should always be taken care of. The idea here is to learn the ways of managing stress. This can be done with the help of meditation, concentration or productivity enhancement. By developing new skills you can manage stress effectively.

Stress is one rare problem that not only affects us at a personal level but at the societal level as well. It is causing a dent in faith in countless ways in our society. Stress can affect anyone at any place. One cannot run away. The only way to escape this death affair is to learn to manage it and then overcome it.

One can do this by re-evaluating his way of life and going for various options such as meditation or Yoga. Stress should never be a style of life and if it does become one, only the person facing it can resolve it in his or her own way.

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