Untreated diabetes Symptoms and Weight fluctuation

 Untreated diabetes Symptoms and Weight fluctuation

Untreated diabetes

Weight fluctuation

Unanticipated fluctuation in weight is making you think twice? If you are a diabetic patient, there are chances that your sugar levels must be boosting with higher rates. With time untreated diabetes grows subsequently. Diabetes has two categories- Diabetes-1 and Diabetes-2. The conditions for weight loss are quite different in both categories, but weight gain is quite similar in both unless you are obese or pregnant. So without any further delay, let’s get into some consequential detail of the subject.

There are some symptoms you must go through even if you do not have untreated diabetes, it will help you have an idea about your condition.

Early Symptoms of untreated diabetes

Early Symptoms diabetes
  • Unplanned weight loss – Your body will not be able to extract enough amount of energy from your food. It will burn your muscle fat for energy extracts. You may lose weight even if you don’t change your diet.
  • Nausea and Vomiting – Your body will start producing ketones that can build themselves in a hazardous level. It can make you feel sick in your stomach very often.
  • Tingling in hands – deficiency of vitamin during diabetes is the main cause of tingling in hands. It is often associated with pain, burning sensation, or even numbness.
  • Noticeably sleepy after meals- It is a condition of hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia when a large amount of sugar is consumed. It spikes the sugar levels of the body and crashes quickly.

Here is some simplification regarding weight gain and loss issue during diabetes-

Weight loss and Diabetes

Weight loss and Diabetes

In diabetes-1, the glucose intake decreases as the body couldn’t use it properly. Glucose is sugar, which is the indirect source of weight gain. A hormone called Insulin controls the glucose level inside the body secreted under the pancreas. The pancreas doesn’t secrete enough amount of insulin during the diabetes-1 condition.

During diabetes-1, a person usually loses weight due to increased appetite or less intake of sugar, but weight can be brought back to normal after diagnosis. Controlled weight is necessary for this condition, and overweight could disturb insulin to function properly; ultimately, blood sugar reaches higher levels requires a large amount of insulin intake in the body.

If it remained untreated, it might lead you to weight loss. Being a metabolic disease, it might decrease your weight too regressively. In fact, many patients during diabetes type -1 arrive at the doctor due to the concern regarding sudden weight drop. Weight loss may occur due to many other side effects of diabetes like dehydration, thyroid issues, and muscle breakdown. Mentioned below are some reasons behind weight loss during untreated diabetes. Some other symptoms you should watch during weight loss

Weight loss due to diabetes is generally not accompanied by a single symptom.

There are other signs and symptoms which can make you think about your untreated diabetes twice-

signs and symptoms of diabetes

An excessive urge for eating- You might feel hungry after every half an hour but remember all you are eating is going out of your body filtered. Therefore overeating can become common during diabetes.

Excessive thirst- Due to constant water loss or dehydration, one can feel thirsty all the time.

Itchy skin- Due to dehydration and muscle breakdown, a person loses natural moisture from the body, which leads to the irritation in the skin.

Darkening of the skin around neck and armpits- Acanthosis nigricans is a skin condition that develops when a person is at a higher risk of becoming diabetic. It darkens the neck and armpit area most often.

Slow recovery of bruise- If you are prone to develop type-1 diabetes, even the smallest cut will take time more than usual to get recovered.

Yeast infections- You might come across yeast infection developing around your toes or under your feet.

Unusual fatigue- Due to muscle breakdown and dehydration, you might feel uneasy and unenergetic at any point of time in a day.

Mood shifts- Sudden mood changes, irritation on very small matters might become part of your daily life.

Vision change- You might face weakness of eyes if they get affected by diabetes.

Weight and type 2 diabetes

Weight and type 2 diabetes

In type2- diabetes, the pancreas secrets insulin, but it doesn’t affect the body the way a healthy person’s insulin dose. Therefore it leads to weight gain that is why most kids at the time they get diagnosed with diabetes are either obese or overweight. People with overweight or obese at higher risk of becoming diabetes type-2 patient. The sugar levels of diabetes type-2 patients are harder to control and leads to weight gain.

The insulin produced in the body is insistent on the cells. Body cells cannot utilize insulin, and the pancreas tries to produce more insulin than usually make to overcome the situation.

Hence, diabetes type-2 makes people either overweight or obese. According to a report, WHO, 9 out of 10 people suffering from diabetes type-2 are overweight, and it’s very significant to lose weight to avoid other diseases. Overweight can also reverse the disease.

Weight loss keeps you protected from the disease during untreated diabetes

Weight loss during diabetes

The most stubborn fat lies around the circumference of your body. You need to lose weight around your waist because the weight around waist leads to higher adiposity the in body. It makes you prone to chronic heart disease and unfavorable side-effects of diabetes. Controlled weight leads a person to higher tolerance to sugar. It ultimately will improve insulin intake.  Weight loss will protect you from another disease caused during diabetes like eye disease also known as radiotherapy. Damage of nerves due to higher diabetes leads to amputation. Liver and kidney failure and sometimes multiple organ failure. If you are diagnosed with disease recently, then you must not delay curbing your weight. You must not underestimate yourself. Start working on it from the day itself.

If you are facing a continuous failure in achieving your goal of losing weight. then you must watch the food you are eating. Pinpoint your habits, and surely you’ll come out of something interesting. You were doing wrong during your schedule.

Food denial or deprivation is not the way of improving your health during diabetes. You must eat the prescribed food by the doctor. It will definitely help you improve your post-diabetic health. It will help you improve your unbalanced appetite during diabetes.

There are several allowances of losing weight during diabetes type-2

  • There will be a noticeable boost in your energy levels.
  • The cholesterol level increased during diabetes will drop to normal.
  • It will protect you against all the chronic heart disease.
  • If controlled properly, your blood sugar level will be improved even without medication.
  • It will improve your hemoglobin level.
  • The quality of sleep will increase appreciably after the application of a diabetic diet.

Importance of Gaining healthy weight

Gaining healthy weight

When a person has untreated diabetes heshe should maintain a healthy weight growth. it cuts down the chances for other diseases to invade the body. It keeps the person more energetic and away from all the heart and liver disease. There is a BMI- Body mass index, which helps to know about the right weight of the person. It helps you maintain weight in a healthy range. It helps you avoid the extreme effects of untreated diabetes.

In conclusion, a supervised try to lose weight for people who can workout without any risk is beneficial. But in cases where blood sugar levels are either too high. if there is any heart disease present can become dangerous.  Which is why weight gain or lose weight exercise started after consulting with the doctor. Any unexplained weight loss in a person is a sign of some serious increase in blood sugar levels and serious illness. It’s mandatory to look for doctor’s advice and a complete analysis of such cases.

Explained that undiagnosed or untreated diabetes can become very chronic. Unusual weight gain and weight loss aren’t normal at all, and it could pave your way towards another serious disease. Something like cancer or some serious issues with your gastrointestinal tract, metabolic system, and even thyroid. If your weight is dropping, you must consult a doctor soon.



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