Swelling on upper eyelid and lower eyelid

 Swelling on upper eyelid and lower eyelid

Swelling on eyelid

Hi friends, The most common eye problem that the kids face is swelling on the upper eyelid or lower eyelid. This looks a small problem but its so painful and disturbs the daily routine of the kid. He is neither able to watch screens nor do his/her studies. The daily schedule of the kids get disturbed. My 9 year old kid has to miss his evening tennis classes for 4 days due to the same problem. Let us throw a light on what the problem exactly is, how it hurts the eye, when it subsidized and how to get the proper treatment. But it is always preferable to consult a good pediatric ophthalmologist.

IT IS AN EYE INFECTION-According to doctors or what we call in normal language is eye infection. It can be bacterial or normal fungal infection which subsidies within 4-5 days. Better consult a good eye specialist as it is a sensitive part of the body. Now let us have a look on what are the possible symptoms of eye infection in kids.

eye infection kids

SYMPTOMS OF EYE INFECTION IN KIDS-The kid suffering from any eye infection complaints of any of the followed symptoms-

a)Pain in either of the eyes-The kid complains the pain in the eye which is not visible on the 1st or 2nd day. The eye can show resistance to light in some cases.

b)Redness in eye-The eye becomes visibly red and looks little different from the other eye.

c)Swelling on upper part of eyelid or lower eyelid-The most common part is the upper eyelid becomes swollen and little raised. Sometimes the problem can be with the lower lid too. Swelling is more on a part of the eye rather than the whole eye.

d)Feels like something is there in the eye-The kid feels as if something is there in the eye. Its irritating as well as disturbing.

e)Change in size of the eye due to swelling-Due to swelling the size of the eye gets change. It is quite visible and looks changed as compared to the other eye.

f)White mouth with puss and blood-On the 3rd or 4th day of the same you can see a white-headed pimple sort of thing filled with mucus or puss or little blood too. This means the infection is in the last phase and will get better anytime soon.

Possible reasons behind this infection-The problem is quite common though painful. Now I am going to tell what are the possible reasons behind this type of infection in kids.

symptoms of eye infections

1)Fungal infection

2)Bacterial infection

3)Any minor injury or external factors

4)Humid weather or conditions

Treatments which you must consider immediately-As I told earlier eye is a sensitive part of the body. So better to considerate the problem at an initial stage. The very first immediate cares are as follows-

a)Eye drops that further prevents the problem to exaggerate and also kills the bacterial infection and prevents the growth of the bacteria. These are used several times a day to kill infection.

b)Antibiotics which makes it difficult for the bacteria to grow further. It can be in the form of tablets or oral suspensions. The normal antibiotic which the doctors generally use in such cases is Augmentin n all such prescriptions.

c)Always keep the eye under observation in the supervision of a good ophthalmologist and make sure to consult him if the problem exaggerates and shows no signs of improvement.

d)When the eye gets better take a thorough eye check-up. The vision may sometimes be weak or may be the kids need the glasses for the eye.

Thing which really helped my kid-I am going to share my own experience of my sons eye. He had the same problem. The eye specialist prescribed some antibiotics and eye drops. It subsidized. It again occurred after a month. One of the eye specialist prescribed hot water compresses. Dip a clean cloth in warm water. Squeeze the excess water. Put the warm cloth on affected area until the cloth becomes cool. Repeat the process several times a day. Along with eye drops were also used. For better results you can also put a little grain-sized alum in water which is antibacterial. For normal eye ailments alum is a blessing which is used since ages and is a grandma’s favorite anti-bacterial medicine for various ailments excluding the eye. Normal washing of the eye with alum water does miracles specially for the eye. You can continue it after the eye gets well or make the habit of washing the eye with alum water when the kid wakes up in morning.

Normally such type of problem subsidised in 4-5 days. The redness and pain also goes and the eye start showing improvement and looks normal. But better to consult a good eye specialist as if neglected this can cause  blurred vision and loss of vision.



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