Parents follow simple remedies to relieve Kids headache

 Parents follow simple remedies to relieve Kids headache

Kids headache


Do your kids often complain of headaches? Is the headache disturbing their daily schedule and at a time and they have to skip school or sport due to headache? Headaches are most common among adults and the reasons may be many. Kids headache problems may be alarming and there may be many types and reasons for headaches but let us have first a look on what are the major reasons for headache.

Reasons behind headache

Seasonal-Seasonal change may be the reason for kids’ headaches. Headache can get severe with the change in weather and season. Some headaches are more active in summers, winters, or any change of weather. Such changing weather conditions and seasonal changes make the headache grave. These types of headaches may be due to seasonal flu, infection, or in the form of sinus which gets better in 2-3 days. The child may feel uncomfortable and restless due to a headache.

Lack of nutrients-Kids requires a lot of nutrients and supplements as their body is growing. These may be Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc, and other essential fatty acids. Lack of folic acid, vitamins, minerals, and other such nutrients may cause headaches. If this is left unnoticed the headache problem becomes grave. So that can be the main reason behind headaches in kids.

Medical history-Some internal injury, the thickness of the blood, any bump inside or the tumor in the form of blood clots, or some childhood head injury may also be the reason for headache in kids. The blood clots or the tumors may also be the reason. So never ignore a child’s headache and try to recall any such injury which may not be visible but is responsible for headache.

Change in vision or weak eyesight-The other major reason behind a child’s headache may be a weakness in eye muscles or the connected tissues. Weak eyesight may result in headaches. Contraction in eye muscles may also lead to headaches. A thorough eye check-up is a must.

Strain in nerves or some nerves issue-Some nerves issue in kids where the nerves are injured or inflamed and the pain circulates in the upper back, shoulders, and neck area. Strain in the nerves leads to headache which is like a throbbing and pulsating sensation.

Stress-Kids are vulnerable to stress too. There may be many kinds of worries, anxiety, and stress in their lives too. It can be associated with their peer group or parents or any undefined and unreasonable. Some kinds of unexplained thought procedures in kids lead to headaches. They don’t share everything with the parent or guardian.

The severity of the problem or when you need to consult a doctor

Some headaches are normal and get better with sleep and rest. They don’t require much attention. But some headaches are alarming and you need to consult a good doctor immediately as the kid might not suffer much. It means to find a solution of kids headache before it becomes grave. Let us have a look at the underlined points.

When it doesn’t get well after medication-When the headache doesn’t go even after the medication or even after trying many therapies.

If the frequency of the headache has increased-When your kid speaks of the headache more often now. It means the frequency of his/her headache has increased which is alarming.

When it starts disrupting the schedule of your child-When the headache is such that the kids’ normal schedule is disturbed and they find it difficult to complete their daily chores.

It has started affecting the vision-When after severe and often headaches the kid’s complaints of double vision or not being able to see properly at some distance objects hen you need to consult a doctor at the earliest.

Guidelines are to be followed by the parents-The parents need to be alert and need to do some practices to soothe the child suffering from a headache. The simplest and foremost things which you can follow at your end are as follows-

Keep a proper record of the schedule of the kid and the frequency of the headaches-Keep a proper check on when the kid had a headache, what was his/her schedule that day, or was the day tiring which caused headache? Keep a check on how many times in a month he/she got a headache and what were the associated symptoms like weakness, dizziness, anxiety, excessive sweating, etc. Keep a proper record of his routine the day he/ she had a headache and a day earlier too. It helps to identify the cluster and tension headaches and other migraine symptoms.

Rest and proper sleep schedule-The kids need proper rest so that their mind and body get relaxed. Headaches may make the kid uncomfortable and irritating. Proper rest makes him/her relax his nerves. Make a proper sleep schedule od the kid. He.she must go to bed around 10 pm and wake up early in the morning. A proper sleep schedule will help to tackle and soothe the headache problem to some extent.

Breathing exercises– Breathing exercises and meditation help in the long run to solve not only headache problems but also health problems too. Encourage the child to practice simple breathing exercises. Sit with him/her and teach more easy meditation practices. Make sure that the kids follow that on daily basis. It will help to relieve headaches and soothing the senses.

Good diet-Headaches may be due to lack of some nutrients in the diet. Tell the kid to focus on a good diet and tell the benefit of the nutrients. His/her diet must include all types of green vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, dairy products, seeds, and other such healthier dietary supplements. It helps to get all the essential nutrients and to prevent headaches.

Therapies like massage and acupressure-Massage the area with some lukewarm oil. It helps to relieve the headache. You can also treat the kids’ headaches using aromatherapy using essential oils. Check some acupressure points to relieve headaches which prove effective in treating even the severe headache problems.

cold compress– Cold compress helps to relieve the kid’s headache. Take a bowl of cold water. Take a handkerchief or soft cotton cloth. Dip it in water and squeeze it. Keep on the affected area and repeat the process several times. Cold compresses are useful in most kinds of headaches.

Allergy to certain food items-Parents need to keep a proper check on the diet of the kid and need to find if the kid is allergic to some food item that caused the headache. Some kids are allergic to mushrooms and some are allergic to dairy products or gluten. Consuming such products may lead to headaches too. So keep a proper diet schedule for the child so that he/she may not suffer due to headaches.

Motivate him/her to pursue outdoor activities-Encourage the kid to pursue outdoor activities games and sports. This helps to breathe in the fresh air and make the immune system of the body stronger. This will help to relieve headaches in kids as the mind will feel fresh and energized and more concentrated and focussed.

Restrict the screen time-If the kids watch the screens for longer that may cause strain on the eyes and thus resulting in a headache. Restrict the screen time of the kid and encourage him/her in more productive activities, take their help in the kitchen, buying groceries, drawing, painting, washing dishes, and gardening. That will help him/her to be more productive and limiting screen time.



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