Remedy for feet swelling

 Remedy for feet swelling

Cabbage leaves: Swollen feet are a common type of symptom that is found in almost every type of individual. While every one of us has such types of problem, women are more prone to swollen feet. Also, during pregnancy, swollen feet is a very common phenomenon that requires immediate attention. The swollen feet syndromes can be quite uncomfortable.

Swollen feet are also common if you are having a hectic life schedule. This includes long hours of sitting or standing or doing work that puts pressure on your feet. Swelling can also happen due to a prolonged period of stress to the body. It can also cause due to any injury to the feet.

How does it happen?

Swelling in feet usually happens when there is fluid deposited in your legs. This also happens when there is a fluid that is produced in your legs and feet. This leads to serious diseases that might also affect other body functions of your body such as the liver, brain and even heart. Swollen feet might not be life-threatening but it is important to understand that the human body is sensitive. The amount of exposure to ill-health can also lead to harmful results.

Cabbage has been clinically proven to provide relief when applied topically, especially on swollen feet.

The reason why cabbage for pain relief is so successful here is that it is one of the best food you can use without any potential side effects. Cabbage has been used since ages for topical treatments and its use is coming into the real picture again. Cabbage leaves help as it has marvelous water absorption qualities. It works by drawing out excess fluid in the feet. The leafy vegetable also has anti-inflammatory properties that are accompanied by its healing properties that aid in the leaning of swollen feet.

One thing to keep in mind before going for the cabbage wrap is that the process when used exclusively, might not be enough. You will also need to give your feet plenty of rest so that the remedy can show its true effects. If you don’t take enough care, you might get painful cramps even after applying the cabbage leaves. The edema might even spread to other parts of your body or to the other leg. So take note of this thing before getting to the application.

Cabbage leaf wraps preparation

To apply cabbage leaves on the swelling feet, you will need white or green cabbage. You might also use organic cabbage leaves which is a finer version of the vegetable. You will also need a bandage for adhesion.

To start the preparation, you need to peel the cabbage and collect its leave in a separate utensil. Now, wipe clean the leaves. You should avoid washing them thoroughly. It’s believed that relieve increases if you are using pre-cooled leaves of the cabbage. You can cool the leaves by placing them in the fridge for two or three hours. Make sure that you do not freeze the leaves as it can lead to harmful consequences.

Cabbage on swollen feet

Start the application by pacing the leaves on your swollen feet. Now, you need to carefully tie the leaves on the feet with a loose bandage. Keep the cabbage leaves on the position for half an hour. Remove them and wash the feet with lukewarm water. Make sure that the wrapped feet always remain at an elevated position during the procedure.

The process can be done in a day after 6 hours. If the problem or swelling persists, you can repeat it and change the frequency. You can use it every 3-4 hours.

Wrapping the leaves around your feet is uncommon. But the method is very effective as it can drain out all the collected fluid in the body. That’s how this remedy actually works. The simple formula uses the cooling property of the cabbage leaves to provide relief from swelling.

Anti-inflammatory properties of cabbage

Chronic inflammation or swelling occurring for a long period of time can lead to various diseases. Some of the threatening names include rheumatoid arthritis, heart diseases, and inflammatory bowel syndrome.

Research shows that people who have been eating cruciferous vegetables like cabbage more frequently have reduced inflammation blood markers. This is due to the antioxidants contained in the food itself.

This is further shown in a study where a thousand women from China displayed the symptoms revealing that by eating more cabbage leaves, inflammation reduced. The women who ate more of cabbage had lower levels of inflammation compared to those who ate the lowest amounts.

Mode of action

In our body, many metabolic processes and energy production keeps ongoing continuously. These processes produce various harmful elements as byproducts. These byproducts are called radicals. Radicals are responsible for the damage to our cells. Free radicals, especially cause various problems in our body including skin problems, toxicity, and swelling. Free radicals have also been implicated in the development of serious problems such as rheumatoid arthritis.

The free radicals are also responsible for inflammation in our joints.


Green leafy veggies like cabbage are packed with antioxidants. These come from elements like vitamins K, C and A which are abundant in this food. The antioxidants protect cells from free-radical damage. Cabbage is also said to be rich in bone-preserving calcium. Cabbage offers the benefit of sulforaphane as well.

Research has shown how sulforaphane blocks the process of inflammation in our body and slows cartilage damage in patients suffering from osteoarthritis. Evidence also suggests that people consuming diets high in cabbage could prevent the onset of rheumatoid arthritis in the first place.


Joint pain, swelling in feet and inflammation of legs might be overlooked by many individuals at first. What we fail to understand is the fact that these are the symptoms of much larger problems. These can lead to permanent feet pain and might even lead to diseases such as arthritis. Hence, it is important to adapt the cabbage wrap for swollen feet remedy. The process is not only harmful but is also inexpensive.

Cabbage leaves are a source of great dietary intake for ages. Nowadays, its topical use is also popular and hence many people use it in various medical fields. Even many joint or bone specialists consider it a good option for surgery or drugs.

If you have swollen feet, you might start thinking of stocking your refrigerator with some cabbages.

Before we sign out, here are some other benefits of cabbage for you. This will help you develop trust in the food and will make you realize why this is a great item to include in your daily lifestyle.

Cabbage leaves benefits:

Cabbage wraps are can help effectively in the cases of inflammation, pain, and swelling

It can help give our skin a fine radiant glow. Many people use it as an effective face pack remedy at home

Cabbage is rich in fiber and hence it helps in improving our digestion. Cabbage consist of high amounts of gut-friendly insoluble fiber which keeps the digestive system healthy. It adds bulk to stool and helps smooth bowel movement

Red cabbage consists of anthocyanin which is good for our heart. Cabbage in its red form may help keep us protected from heart diseases

Vitamin C content in cabbage helps in improving our skin. It also moisturizes and hydrates our outer skin layer

Having cabbage regularly will increase the content of your dietary potassium. This can help in the decrease of high blood pressure as good potassium content and low salt helps regulate our blood sugar level

Cabbage can help keep our cholesterol levels in check. It contains soluble fiber and plant sterols that do the job

Cabbage is a good source of vitamin K which is hard to find in other regular food items


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