Simple yoga asana to lose weight and achieve fitness

 Simple yoga asana to lose weight and achieve fitness

achieve fitness

SImple yoga asana

Our body is the greatest temple which, when well-maintained will bless us with a happy enduring long-lasting life free from illness. It is a temple that requires everyday worship with dedication, sincerity, and continuity. There are a few simple yoga asanas that you can practice for a healthy body.

What is yoga


Yoga, the four-letter word is a powerhouse of practice that involves our mental health, physical practice, and spiritual wellbeing. According to the Hindu philosophical traditions, Yoga belongs to one of the six orthodox schools. Its main focus is to bring alignment between our body and mind. Originally the Sanskrit word “Yoga “ is derived from the Sanskrit root “Yuj” which actually means to “join” or “yoke” or “align “ or “unite”. Moreover, with the practice of Yoga, we can unite our soul with the Supreme Infinite Spirit. It gives us the confidence to be emotionally strong, psychologically calm, complete and in full control of one’s self.

Ideal body weight

Weight Gain Reason

It will depend on a variety of parameters like – age, gender, height, body frame size, bone structure. Thus proving a man with a large bone structure will definitely weigh more than a person with a small bone structure.

Reasons for weight gain

SImple asana

1)Extra sugar in our daily food intake – Our modern diet involves several foods that are loaded with extra sugar, which happily adds more calories to our weight like bread, morning cereals, biscuits.

2) Cravings for certain foods – Moreover, aggressive marketing has turned our attention to certain foods which can be termed as junk food but are promoted in the market as happy foods like ice creams, burgers, French fries, pastries, aerated drinks.

3) Genetics – Children of obsess parents have a greater tendency to gain weight.

4) Sedentary lifestyle – Although, modernization has equipped us with so many gadgets that we tend to make them a compulsory part of our life. Taking the lift, using the remote to switch on the television or drawing the curtains, using the car even for a short distance are some features that greatly contribute to our obesity.

Thus by practicing yoga, we can simply keep a tab on our weighing scale and achieve a good body with greater control on our mind.

Simple asanas that must-try

Surya namaskar

Sun is the most powerful source of force on earth, and for many centuries Sun remains the source of respect and gratitude. Moreover, the Vedic scriptures call the Sun God as Surya or Aditya, and it is referred to as the supreme inexhaustible power. Thus Surya Namaskar is a simple yoga asana which is also called sun salutation. All in all, it forms a link between warming up of the body and intense yoga asanas. It is a set of 12 asanas which connects the various energy levels of the body while detoxifying the body and mind.

Life-changing asana

Doing 108 Surya Namaskaras is said to be a life-changing transformation where we stretch ourselves, learn the better technique of breathing, build stamina and control our weight. The different poses actually involve our full-body be it the limbs, our core muscles our back, etc. It is always recommended that we start with a set of 12 Surya namaskars and gradually increase the number. Actually doing just 12 Surya Namaskaras every day in 12 to 15 minutes we actually do 288 powerful different yoga asanas also yoga asanas for back pain. We happily loose 13.90 calories

Navasana or the boat pose simple yoga asana


It is also popular as the Paripurna Navasana. Overall, in Sanskrit “Nava” means boat and asana mean “seat “ or “posture”. There are mainly two variations of Navasana –

  1. Paripurna Navasana – In this pose, extend your arms forward while keeping them parallel to the ground. Lift your legs along with the back making a complete v shape.
  2. Arda Navasana – Lift the legs along with the back, but keep your hands behind the neck supporting the body to some extent. It is actually a half boat pose because of a wide v form.
  3. Eka Pada Navasana – It is the variation of Navasana which involves one leg so also called “one-legged boat pose”.
  4. Ubhaya Padangusthasana – Overall, it is a variation that requires you to be very agile and flexible as your hands clasp the toes or feet.

There are a variety of benefits of Navasana–

1) Strengthening of the abdominal muscles

2) Strengthening of muscles that connect the hip flexor and the inner thigh bones.

3) Improves digestion

4) Helps to release stress to a great extent

5) Strengthening of the spinal cord

6) Stimulation of kidneys, thyroid glands, and prostate glands. Moreover, Thyroxin and Triiodothyronine play a great role in maintaining the body’s metabolic rate and digestive functions while contributing to the maintenance of bones. Overall, the Stimulation of the kidneys help to secrete some chemicals which regulate our blood pressure, controls our calcium metabolism

But, the results of the boat pose are best achieved when we can sustain the pose for a longer period of time. Starting from 10-20 seconds and gradually going up to 1 minute.

Simple yoga asana purvottanasana


Known as the Upward Plank pose, it is recommended to perform this simple yoga asana early in the morning. Purva signifies the “east” direction, and uttan signifies “rising “.

In this upward plank, we place our palms on the floor with our fingers pointing inwards towards our toes. Overall, lift the whole body upwards while stretching your legs. The first fall, adjust the whole body weight on your arms and feet. Moreover, the deep stretching of the shoulders and the arms open up our hearts. Recommended holding the posture for 10-20 seconds. This simple yoga asana has huge benefits.

Benefits of purvottanasana

  • Reduction of all rigidity
  • Reduction of all joint pains
  • Strengthening of core muscles
  • Strengthening of the wrists and also triceps
  • Firming of the legs
  • Toning of the body muscles
  • Better alignment of shoulders

Utthita Parsvakonasana- Simple yoga Asana


Overall,  it is a modern-day asana which actively includes shoulders, lungs, the spinal cord, abdomen, legs, and ankles as well as the groin. However, in Sanskrit utthita means “extended “, and parsva stands for “side”, Kona means “angle”.

Moreover, we need to start in the mountain pose for this simple yoga asana while turning the right foot outward. Your left foot should face the front of the mat. We have to bend our right knee towards our shin and thigh. Make a 90 –degree angle while your knee and right ankle stand in aline. Place the right-hand outside the right foot, while the left-hand goes straight up. Our head will be looking towards our left hand.

Benefits of utthita Parsvakonasana

  • Improvement of stamina
  • Proper stretching of the spine, waist, chest, lungs, shoulders, and groin

5) Paschimottanasana – In Sanskrit Paschima stands for “west” which actually refers to the “back of the body. On the other hand, uttana means “extended”. Moreover, we need to sit with our legs straight while slowly trying to touch our feet with our hands. While doing this keep your head close to your knee.

Benefits of simple yoga asana Paschimottanasana

1) Full stretching of the spinal cord, shoulders.

2) Better control of the brain

3) Stimulates the liver and the kidney

4) Improvement of digestion.

Thus we can effectively keep strict control on our weighing scale by performing these five simple yoga asana. All in all, these will also help us to improve our gait, posture while toning our body.

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