Sarvangasana best yoga pose for good and faster digestion

 Sarvangasana best yoga pose for good and faster digestion


Sarvangasana scientific asana

Most of you must have faced stomach problems such as stomach heaviness, stomach bloating, indigestion, constipation and bloating, etc. Our late-night eatings, frequent outings, and untimely eat-outs are responsible for this to some extent. The problem is mainly associated with digestion. The food that we eat is not digested properly and causes all stomach ailments. So we need to focus on healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. There is one easiest and simplest way to resolve all such problems and that is Sarvangasana. It is a form of yoga that helps in digesting food quickly and thus removes other associated ailments.

Is Sarvangasana-Sarvangasana is a scientific asana that is performed after eating-Yoga helps you in many ways to relieve stomach issues such as gastric issues, bloating, stomach ache, and heaviness, constipation, and related issues, and most yoga poses are performed empty stomach but you can do Sarvangasana after eating? It is the easiest yoga pose having scientific logic. When we stretch the upper body the blood flow is faster in the upper body parts and the digestive system is more active as blood flow is more around the small intestine, large intestine, and the stomach so the digestion process is faster. It helps to relieve stomach heaviness due to overeating and treats other stomach ailments associated with non-digestion of food. So Sarvangasana is a scientific yoga pose that can be performed after eating anytime to aid better digestion and energy levels as undigested food makes us lethargic and dull.

The right technique to do Sarvangasana-You need to be in the right pose to do any yoga pose. First of all, you need to know the right way to any yoga pose otherwise it will prove harmful rather than giving a good outcome. Now I will throw light on how to do Sarvangasana in the right way. Follow these steps one by one-

1)Take a mat and sit with the legs open and spread in front.

2)Now Fold the left leg and keep it under the left hip and right leg under the right hip. It means both the toes touching the mat.

3)Keep the left hand on the left folded thigh and the right hand on the right folded thigh.

4)Keep your spine straight and focus on taking deep breaths.

5)Sit in the same position for 5-10 minutes. Later on, after some days you can increase the timing to half an hour.

6)Unfold your legs and come back in the original position.

Benefits of Sarvangasana-

Benefits of Sarvangasana

The benefits of doing Sarvangasana are immense. So everybody must try it after every meal so that the food we eat is digested properly and give us energy. Let us have a look at what are the other major benefits that we can get of this amazing and the simplest yoga pose. The major benefits are as follows

1)It is the best yoga pose for digestion related issues-Sarvangasana is the best yoga poses for digestion. The blood flows in the upper body as the legs are folded. The blood flow is directed around the stomach, small intestine, and large intestine which helps in aiding the digestion process. Other petty issues such as acidity, constipation, and gastric problems can be cured with the help of Vajrasana.

2)Good digestion provides good energy levels-When the food that we eat is digested properly it is turned into useful juices which reach every part of the body. It helps to attain good levels of energy in the body and helps us in staying fit and active throughout the day. So this yoga pose carries more benefits than we think or hear of.

3)It is very good for the spine-During performing Sarvangasana the spine and neck are straight and erect. It helps to tackle spine disorders and spine-related issues which is the backbone of our body. So this yoga pose helps to attain good spine health and a healthy body.

4)Blood flows well to the mind-During performing Sarvangasana the neck and spine are in a straight position and legs are folded. The blood flow is more in the upper body parts. So it helps to circulate more blood to the mind. The mind becomes more active and healthy. So this yoga pose has immense benefits.

5)Helps in muscle weakness and back pains-Sarvangasana is for the whole body. Besides aiding digestion this yoga pose is good to soothe people suffering from back pain and back stiffness and it also helps in muscle stiffness and muscle pains and brings flexibility to the muscles.


We need to take certain precautions while performing this yoga pose.

a)Start this yoga pose from 2 minutes and increase the timing gradually to 5-10 minutes and then 15-20 minutes and half an hour. You may feel some stiffness in the initial days but that is natural and gets well after some days.

b)If you are suffering from varicose veins and related issues with knees don’t perform this yoga pose as it may prove harmful rather than providing benefits as the blood doesn’t reach the lower body parts and may exaggerate the problem.



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