How Brisk Walking can reduce your weight

 How Brisk Walking can reduce your weight

Brisk Walking

brisk walking benefits

Is obesity becoming universal?

Are you sick of being obese? You go to the office and while adjusting your chair to get seated do you feel uncomfortable just because it has a space smaller than you need? Or you travel daily for work walking miles from your home just to find after a month that you did not lose even a single pound, unlike others who walk just like you and instead relax at their homes the whole day. It has always been humiliating when girls are bullied physically for being fat.

Most of the women experience obesity after pregnancy. For a few of them, it comes unwelcomed from the family tree they innately belong to. There have been many instances as of now where mummies and daddies are mocked at their bulged out tummies and dangling waists. They see this change as one of the inevitable results of their eating habits or lifestyle that they have chosen and become less careful about it.

But we are here to tell you that this is something very easy and important to lose. Because it is not only about looking good to pose your figure at high-class restaurants and to boast about it amongst those classy crowds but also about your inner health stability. Sadly, there has been disbelief amongst people that reducing weight is not a ‘mandatory’ task that needs to be attained at one particular stage of their life. They see the need to do this is only in film industries where their bodies speak and earn more than their talent.

Firstly, breaking down your fats is not a big deal. Today everything is exaggerated for the sake of business and to profit oneself from the helplessness of others has been the tragic viewpoint of most of the businessmen today. “The more you weigh, the more you have to burn your pockets which will, in turn, burn your fats”, they assure you.

But here we are to tell you something that will neither cost a single penny nor will this bore you to death in a long time to go. Most of the people try to make it their point that being obese is nowhere to hamper their growth in terms of health.

Few consider fatness to be their strength instead and make a spectacle of it every now and then.  But deep down, there is a part of them saying that ‘I backed down because the efforts required for this are too much for me to handle’.

But to your delight here is a simple way not only to reduce your weight but also to eliminate all kinds of risks associated with fat accumulation which is nothing but obesity. Just walk. Yes, you heard it right.

There is no need to pressurize all your muscles lifting heavy weights if you are not that effort-taking guy. You can just walk and lose all the fats you have unknowingly embraced until now. With this exercise not only will you discover a better version of your body but also you will get to see the positive side effects. Let us discuss this in the later part.

Brisk Walking to reduce weight

Weight loss and Diabetes

By walking here it means brisk walk. Brisk is nothing but agility. How agile you are for a period of 30-60 minutes in a day determines your weight loss. Yes, there is no need to work out your body muscles for 2 hours and get acquainted with the know-how of each and every equipment. Just walk in your gardens or campus for an hour every day.

You can start with 20 minutes each day and then increase this time-graph exponentially to 1 hour or so. When we say walk it does not mean a garden-style walk. You need to increase your paces so that you cover more distance in less time. You can either take longer steps or should walk at least 3 miles per hour a day.

This exercise if ingrained in your routine will help in reducing or burning down your fats that are accumulated in the waist area of your body.

Benefits of brisk walking

You might be wondering why walking is recommended by most of the fitness freaks and nutritionist. This is because not only is this the solution for weight reduction but also to curb other fatal diseases that prop up due to fat accumulation. Few are enlisted below

  • Brisk walk lowers and almost nullifies the risk of heart attacks.
  • It helps in keeping Diabetes Mellitus in control.
  • Blood pressure is maintained due to regular walking habits.
  • It keeps you motivated mentally as well as physically
  • Regular walking also strengthens your legs muscles and shapes your waistline.

Do’s and Dont’s while walking briskly

  • Supplement your walks with water
  • Brisk walking is preferred to be done in early mornings or evening time when you have a cool climate to soothe your minds.
  • Listen to songs while brisking around. This may keep you motivated throughout the walk.
  • Change your walking pattern every few days. Like increase the time, walk high terrains. You can take a few strides a day or two in a week. Whereas this can be compensated by doing rigorous walk the other days
  • Keep track of your paces per hour so that you are able to track your progress.
  • Post-walk you can try some flexibility workout so as to strengthen your bones and muscles.
  • Avoid using energy drinks while walking. This will make no sense to your rigorous walk schedule. The calorie intake these drinks provide is much more than you actually burn in a day. This will let you down at the end of a month when you see no change in your body.
  • Adding weights while walking should be avoided. This can cause damage to your muscles while on a rigorous walking pattern.
  • Avoid the same walking pattern and number of strides. As this may bore you and ultimately you might even stop doing it.

Post brisk walk diet

  • Make an after walk diet plan. Eat dry fruits such as almonds, figs, dates.
  • A high protein intake diet should be incorporated such as boiled eggs, oatmeal, fruits, etc.
  • Avoid having beverages like tea and coffee. Instead, you can have green tea or water with lemon or orange.

We hope that this article proved useful to you while figuring how to lose weight. Try out the tricks and techniques mentioned here, we are sure that you can make a spectacle of you are ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures.



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