Our whole body parts are interconnected. If there is a problem or pain in any part of the body, it is difficult to concentrate on anything. All organs have an important part to play in our day to day life. But do you know our two important organs heart and brain are interconnected and what […]Read More .

Self-care is the new wellness mantra

Wellness mantra Are you punishing yourself with rigorous exercises, workouts, dieting plans…But find the joy in your life by doing the things that make you happy. Take care of your thought process too. Do the things that give you joy, energy, happiness and fills you with energy. Wellness is soul-rejuvenation that is the backbone of […]Read More .

How Does The Plank Exercise Helps In Weight Loss

Plank exercise to weight loss or the plank pose is one of the most effective full-body workouts in the world. It helps in quickly burning the excess fats and calories from the body. Moreover, the plank workout targets most of the major muscles in the human body. This includes the muscles in the abdominal area, […]Read More .