Our whole body parts are interconnected. If there is a problem or pain in any part of the body, it is difficult to concentrate on anything. All organs have an important part to play in our day to day life. But do you know our two important organs heart and brain are interconnected and what is good for the heart is good for the brain too? Either it is diet, thoughts, good or bad memories or any such thing. So a proper synchronization of brain and heart is a must. Let us first focus on how heart and brain work. The heart supplies oxygen, blood and other nutrients to the mind.



BRAIN-HEART CONNECTION-Heart and brain are interconnected. Both are strongly related. The heart supplies blood, oxygen, and other nutrients to the mind. The heart also sends signals to the mind. So, the proper functioning of both is equally important. What the mind believes is heart follows. You need a strong heart for a healthy brain and vice versa. Brain and heart connections are vital ones. The positive signals from mind go to the heart and the heart follows and chases whatever comes in its way. So what the mind believes,  the heart follows that and vice versa.


These days everyone is suffering from one of the other heart ailments. It affects blood pressure. This increased pressure takes a toll on the heart and leads to major heart problems. The increased stress in lives has to cognitive problems too. According to a study, some behavioral patterns lead to slow or speed up the thought process or cognitive behaviors too. The person whose heart health is good, he/she can remember, recall and recollect the things easily and actively. So cognitive and cardiovascular health are equally important.



An important factor is the lifestyle that you follow. A good diet with all nutrients plays an important role in that. The antioxidants and other nutrients lead to healthy immunity boosters in the body. A good diet contains-


b)Good fats

c)Essential minerals and multivitamins

d)Healthy amino acids

With a  healthy diet, it is also necessary to do physical activities, exercises such as jogging, walking, brisk walking, yoga,  and other such activities. According to a study, the experiment was done on a group of people. The ones who did physical exercises such as aerobics and yoga tended to be happier and had clarity in thoughts and ideas in comparison to the people who were not involved in physical activities. According to this study,  it was proved that cognitive and cardiovascular activities are equally related and interconnected. Physical activities are good for the heart as well as the brain with a clear thought process and clarity in mind and vision.


There are a lot of factors and tips that decide the healthy heart and brain. If your heart is healthy, your mind too will be and vice versa. Here I am going to focus on some tips which may be useful for your day to day life and improvement in the heart-mind health. The list is as follows-

1)Take a plant-based diet-

If you follow a vegetarian and plant-based diet, it is considered good for your heart as well as mind. If you are vegan, you are less prone to diseases and more prone to healthy habits and lifestyle. These days most of the people are turning vegans due to the increased health benefits of the plant-based diet which is more natural and adjusts well with the body system. It is good for the mind and heart too.

2)Rainbow diet does help

Include a  rainbow diet in your food. It contains green and leafy vegetables, mushrooms, red peppers, dried nuts, dried fruits and seasonal fruits and all such things in your diet. Rainbow diet not only helps in fighting with flu but also helps in boosting immunity and developing the healthy amino acids in the body. Adopt healthy food habits and healthy food options in your diet.

3)Limit sugar intake

Limit your sugar and salt intake. These both are considered poison for the body.  Include healthy sweets in your diet. Consume healthy sweet options such as jaggery, honey, stevia,  and other such options. Cutting the sugar levels in food keeps the blood sugar in control and blood pressure is regulated well. It saves from many skin disorders and heart ailments. As a result, the mind also becomes active and healthy. So keep a check over your sugar and salt levels too.

4)Avoid unhealthy fats

Try to consume healthy trans fats. Include groundnut oil, fish oil, virgin coconut oil, flaxseeds, almond and other nuts in your diet. Avoid refined oils which increases the bad cholesterol and fats in the blood. The unsaturated fats are not good for the heart and lead to many heart ailments.

5)Take sufficient fluids

Fluids are an important ingredient for a good mind and heart. Try to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water in a day. Try to consume healthy beverages. Avoid carbonated drinks. Consume lemon water, yogurt sips, and healthy juices. It will be good for your heart, mind as well as the whole body. So take sufficient fluids as a daily regimen. Keep a  water bottle with you wherever you go

6)Take supplements from time to time

Check nutritional deficiencies in the diet. Check upon the dietary quality. Keep yourself properly diagnosed. Include essential vitamins, minerals, calcium, magnesium and other multivitamins in the diet. Consult a good GP and ask for supplements if there is any problem regarding the heart and brain. It is good to take multivitamins and other supplements from time to time to keep a check on the loss of essential nutrients in the body which is good for a  healthy heart and mind.

7)Take proper 8-10 hours sleep

Sleeplessness needs to tired mind and heart. The heart feels so much burdened by the thought-process that it leads to insomnia and related diseases. So it’s a must to take proper sleep of 8-10 hours. Make a proper sleep schedule. Try to be on bed at a proper time and get up early. It will keep you relaxed and when the mind and heart are relaxed, the body will feel relaxed.

8)It is necessary to detoxify the body from time to time

It’s good to take proper diet and sleep but it is also necessary to detoxify your body from time to time. Follow a proper fasting regimen. Fasting once or twice in a month is considered good for the mind and body. So, do not forget to detoxify your body from time to time. It not only cleanses your body but the mind also.

9)Feel happy and contented

If your mind is happy, your heart will also be happy. Don’t overburden yourself with unnecessary thoughts and unrealistic standards. Be practical. Make yourself happy by doing the things that make you happy. Encourage yourself to pursue some hobbies. This will nourish your body and mind. Your heart will be happy and contented.

10)Your favorite music nourishes the heart and mind

Good music is food for the soul. Listen to favorite music, enjoy the good music and enjoy it. When your heart is happy, the mind will also be happy. Good music is food for the soul. When your soul is happy and contented, the heart and mind will also be happy and satisfied. Your favorite music is good food for the body.


Sunita Panwar

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