Health Benefits of eating Indian blackberries

Health benefits of blackberries Hi all, You must have seen the heaps of blackberries in the market. They look smaller but the benefits are bigger if you consume it. This seasonal fruit has all the nutrients including carbohydrates, minerals,  proteins, B12, potassium, calcium, iron and vitamin c. Blackberries are found in abundance in Asia. This […]Read More .

Positive Psychology and Mental Health

In recent years, people all around the world have been experiencing negative energies & problems in life. This is a global epidemic now because negative psychology is not only affecting people’s lives but their mental health too. When you’ve negative psychology, you tend to have foggy thoughts and your decision-making capabilities become ambiguous. It can […]Read More .


Blood pressure is the amount of force in which blood flows in our circulatory system. Oxygen and nutrients travel through the blood to the tissues and the organs. Without pressure, the movement of the blood is not possible. It also plays a major role in the immunity system and insulin hormone regulation. It helps to […]Read More .