Seitan – The Protein-Rich Vegan Meat For Vegetarians

 Seitan – The Protein-Rich Vegan Meat For Vegetarians

Seitan Protein

Seitan is basically a meat-like food item, which is obtained from the protein part of wheat dough. As it is made from the wheat, it is usually expected to look like bread or dough, but Seitan doesn’t. After being cooked, its appearance and texture are extremely identical to that of meat. Thus, Seitan is also referred to as the wheat protein, the wheat meat or gluten. Moreover, many vegetarians around the world consume Seitan as the alternate for meat. It is also an excellent source of iron, protein, and selenium for people who can’t eat meat. Hence, it is a great protein-rich vegan meat for vegetarians.


Seitan is found in many commercial vegan products in various forms, flavors, and textures. It is basically a handmade product, for which you can use whole wheat flour or the vital wheat gluten. The latter is a much easier and simpler method as it just requires washing off the starch from the wheat dough to obtain the high-protein gluten.

How Does Seitan Tastes?

The natural taste of the Seitan is savory, almost similar to that of a flavorless chicken or mushrooms. Though, you can give it any kind of flavor or taste by experimenting with different kinds of recipes. Thus, you can cook Seitan like a tangy curry or spicy cutlets or any other way you want. However, the taste is not the wow factor of Seitan, its texture & appearance is. Because of its meat-like looks and feel, people tend to prefer it over tofu & other similar food products.

Seitan recipes

Seitan needs to be cooked before consumption, no matter you buy the packed one or prepare it yourself at home. You can always cook it using a frying pan by dipping it with different kinds of sauces and spices. Also, you can cut slices of it and grill it in a griller using different sauces and spices, and eat it with gravy. You can even cut little pieces of Seitan and prepare a vegetable curry with it. Soup can also be prepared with these little pieces, some veggies, and spices. Thus, there are infinite possibilities for you to cook the wheat meat and add a lot of protein to your daily diet.

How To Buy & Store Seitan?

Seitan is easily available at many grocery and health food shops. You can always check reviews online for all the brands and buy the top-rated one. Also, you will find different flavors and sizes of the packaged Seitan available in these stores. Many online shopping websites even deliver it directly to your home. If you refrigerate Seitan, it will stay good for a few days or until the expiry date. On the other hand, if you keep it in the freezer, it can stay good for approximately 3 months.

Nutritional & Health Benefits of seitan protein


Seitan is a great source of protein, as it offers around 40-50 grams of protein per half bowl. As the amounts of essential amino acids are low in Seitan, you can always add other protein-filled foods to it. Apart from this, it is also filled with minerals like selenium & iron. Moreover, Seitan is also healthier because it is low in carbohydrates and fats. Though, people suffering from celiac disease & gluten intolerance should avoid eating it.

That’s all folks!

So this everything you need to know about Seitan, the protein-rich vegan meat for vegetarians. You can easily prepare it at the comfort of your home & try out different recipes you want. Also, you can buy it from a nearby grocery store or online from trusted e-commerce websites. You can always check the nutritional value & flavor on the pack to choose the best one for you.



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