Conscious and sensible eating can aid in weight loss

 Conscious and sensible eating can aid in weight loss

Conscious and sensible eating

weight loss

Most of us are aware of body weight. Being over-weight is the biggest issue for people these days. There are many weight-loss programs and treatments which help losing weight in the short run but in the long run prove fatal to the body. Some people follow strict dieting but still, the weighting scale shows the exact weight and no such visible effects of dieting. That is so discouraging. But do you know that our body has a mechanism that works more naturally and it requires a lot of patience in this course of action? It is important to lose weight healthily. Some weight loss therapies help in weight loss but the body loses its stamina and energy. So rather than dieting the focus must be on healthy and sensible eating. Let us have a look at what is conscious and sensible eating.

What is conscious and sensible eating?

Conscious eating is being aware of what we are eating. It is the state of being alert about the food that we eat. It is being aware of the fact that we are not eating just to fill the stomach. The food that goes inside the body must be well-planned, well-eaten, and well-digested. According to various studies and experiences that are shared by people who have lost weight just by focussing on mindful and conscious eating prove that eating habits and patterns can lead to weight loss too. It means we should know-

a)What we are eating and how we are eating?

b)At what time we are eating?

c)What are fats and what are saturated fats?

d)What should be your salt and sugar intake?

e)What quantity of food is sufficient for us?

f)Is fast food a fat food?

So the main highlighted feature of conscious and sensible eating is

Self-control and self-evaluation of the eating habits

Always be grateful for the food that we eat. Pray before you eat. Chew the food properly and enjoy whatever you eat. It is rightly said that eat your food as if you are drinking. Food should be chewed properly to get its most benefits. Are you eating in a hurry or angry? Are you an emotional eater or a careless eater? Are you the one who enjoys the food or a fussy eater? Are you consuming the right quantity of food? Are you able to control your taste buds at times? Have you made a proper diet chart? The list is bigger. So before thinking of weight loss we need to focus on food and eating habits.

Sensible and conscious eating focuses on a balanced diet that is much healthier and nutritious and which focuses on getting contentment and satisfaction. It makes us feel good and guilt-free. When we are eating in the right proportions at the right time it gives us a good and toned body. It is not depriving ourselves of food but maintaining a balance between the right nutrition and healthy weight maintenance.

Some other important tips regarding conscious and sensible eating that we can follow for a healthy weight-loss rather than dieting

As I have discussed earlier conscious and sensible dieting doesn’t only focussing on the right food at right time but also aids in weight loss as you know when to stop and when to control the artificial food fits of hunger and feel contented. Now I am going to share some important tips that can help you in weight loss and get healthy and balanced weight management if followed regularly.

1)Make a proper diet chart

Healthy living

The very first step to conscious and sensible eating is to make a proper diet chart. You must make proper planning of three main foods in the day and the snacks and beverages. Take care of the total calories intake. You can make a proper diet plan to calculate necessary nutrients and cut unnecessary fats. Start your day with a warm glass of water mixed with lemon. For a healthy weight, you can add some honey to it. Green tea also aids in weight loss. Avoid packaged, processed, fatty, starchy, and fried things and focus on eating greens and herbal food choices.

2)Take care of the portions-

It is necessary to take care of the quantity of the food that we eat. It is more like engaging in the food properly. The quantity must be optimal neither more nor less. You must know where to stop. It needs little practice and it becomes easy to identify the exact or balanced quantity of food that you must eat. Your body is the best indicator of that. The food must be light and healthy food combinations will help you to get a balanced weight besides giving you energy. You can add healthy snacks or fruits or nuts. The choice is all yours. Avoid salt and sugar if you can. You must be a conscious eater and calculate healthy eating choices rather than just filling the stomach. Always take the right quantity at right time.

3)Make a proper eating schedule and stay hydrated-


You need to make a proper eating schedule as to when to eat. It is necessary to know what to eat and when to eat. Focus on 3 proper meals of the day and calculate the calories. It is a big deal for a sensible and conscious eater. You can eat small portions after every 2 hours. It gives you energy as well as helps you attaining weight loss. It is also a must to keep yourself hydrated. It helps to take the toxins out of the body and keeping you fit and active. People who are trying to lose weight must always consume more liquids. It gives a feeling of stomach fullness and helps to keep the body system detoxify.

4)Self-control through meditation-

yoga and meditation

It is not easy to control the urge to eat whatever you want to eat. You need to stay focused and determined for that. In this process, meditation helps you a lot. Meditation teaches you self-control and patience. Yoga for weight loss is a slow process that takes months and years to attain the goal. So you need to practice meditation. Sit in a calm atmosphere, try to train your mind to be calm to get better concentration. Be happy and focused. It will help you in controlling your senses. Be positive and focused.

5)Be practical and stay determined-Don’t get trapped in false claims made by weight-loss programs. All are not fake or false but may be impractical. Set your standards and compete with your own. You need to stay determined, have patience and work towards your fitness regimen. Give yourself proper time and try to avoid negative checks, thoughts, and experiences.

6)Fast food or junk food is more a fat food-

AVoid Junk Food

You won’t deny that fast food is high in calories, carbs, sodium, and fats. So it is more fat food which needs to be avoided. You can opt for healthy options in junk food and check the nutritional contents. We are what we eat. It is the question of good health and optimum weight. You need to control the urge to have junk food on daily basis. You can consume once or twice in a month or as suits you. But better to avoid gaining unnecessary pounds of weight. Buy healthy and eat healthy and natural foods.

7)Staying active is the key-

Whatever we eat needs to be digested well to avoid stomach bloating, stomach flu, indigestion, and other related issues. You need to indulge in physical activities and other related physical activities. It is good to eat healthy food but likewise, it is also necessary to be physically active. It is also good for mental health. Focus on routine exercise, jogging, running, and other weight-loss exercises. It will increase your stamina and fitness too. When you do physical exercise, the extra calories are burnt which helps to get a healthy weight. Go for brisk walking, use the stairs instead of the lift, do some gardening, play with kids or play your favorite sports. It will give you good mental health as well as shedding those extra calories.

8)Plant-based diet-

Plant Based Diet

The world is turning towards a plant-based diet and the reason is quite clear. A plant-based diet is more useful in combating obesity and various researches have shown that a plant-based diet gives us Low Body Mass. This saves us from hypertension, obesity, diabetes, and other related diseases. Its vegan food having more fibers and saves from obesity and high cholesterol levels. Through various studies, it has been proved that a plant-based diet is more natural, healthy, and aids in weight loss. So eat green vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, whole grains and try to avoid processed and refined products as much as you can.



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