Best belly-busting foods

 Best belly-busting foods

Belly fat is the accumulation of fat around the abdominal region to an extent when it reaps major health issues. In the aggravated form, this may be referred to as abdominal obesity, which can be classified into three forms- Triglycerides, Subcutaneous fat, and visceral fat. Thus, consumption of best belly-busting foods becomes quite crucial to avoid the storage of belly fat.

Types of belly fat

Triglycerides are the forms of fat that constantly revolves in the bloodstream. These fats occur due to the storing of unwanted calories in blood in the form of fat cells. Subcutaneous fat is the visible fat which is present in the layer below the outer skin and is often called as healthy fat because of its capabilities to counter various diseases. The third and the most lethal form of fat is the Visceral fat, which surrounds various organs in the abdominal region and is also responsible for triggering many brutal diseases and ailments.

Diseases caused by excessive belly fat

excessive belly fat

Mainly caused due to visceral fat, there are many lethal diseases which are associated with belly fat. And thus, it becomes crucial for a person to make sure that they are keeping a healthy check on the diet as well as workout regimes. These practices would certainly ensure that the person doesn’t have to deal with life-threatening injuries and would also pave the way for a healthy lifestyle. Visceral fat may lead to type 2 diabetes, Dyslipidemia, and other cardiovascular disorders, as well. Excess belly fat also makes people lazy and irritable, which causes grave concerns in their personal lives. Thus, it becomes quite crucial to eat the best belly-busting foods to avoid such life-threatening issues.

Best belly-busting foods

Salmon: One of the best belly-busting foods

This protein-powerhouse would be your ideal companion in eliminating that stubborn belly fat that concerns you. With a great abundance of protein and omega-3 fats, Salmon enhances the metabolic rate in the body and also lowers the risk of lethal chronic diseases. As stress is also a major reason for the storage of belly fat, Vitamin B6 present in the salmon takes care of stress-related hormones. Salmon also promotes lean proteins, which helps in shaping up belly fat into those washboard abs you always dreamt of! Thus, Salmon is certainly amongst the best belly-busting foods you can consume.

Avocados: Most preferred best belly-busting foods

This amazing fruit has a significant concentration of monosaturated fats in its composition, which balances the sugar levels in the body and also ensures that belly fat stays away from you. Avocados also shoe great efficiency in absorbing carotenoids, which helps in eliminating the risks of cancer as well as accumulation of belly fat. Thus, avocados are must in your daily diet routines, if you want to eliminate belly fat. A best belly-busting foods list would be incomplete without Avocado in it.

Bananas: The yummiest best belly-busting foods

With a great abundance of magnesium and potassium, Bananas are essential fruits which eliminate the stubborn abdominal fat. Bananas are great exponents of boosting metabolism in your body. As bananas counter against the adverse effects of sodium, they become extremely crucial to eliminate fat from the abdominal region. Bananas are certainly

Sweet potatoes

Few people would know that Sweet potatoes reap great benefits when it comes to banishing that stubborn belly fat. With great availability of potassium, Sweet potatoes promote high metabolism of the body for the toned belly. Also, beta-carotenes present in the sweet potatoes is believed to have great capabilities of shrinking fat cells, which are the main causes of belly fat. Sweet potatoes also possess healthy nutrients that promote lean belly fat.


Lentils are a great source of proteins and promote lean body mass. Adequate consumption of lentils would ensure great immunity and metabolism for a fit and healthy abdominals. With a great abundance of fibers and vitamin B, lentils are easily digested in the body and also promotes gut health for better consequences.


This green vegetable is extremely efficient to reduce belly fat. With a great abundance of calcium, protein, and magnesium, spinach boosts metabolism and also improves gut health. A spinach juice may not be tasty, but it would certainly do wonders for you to keep belly fat at bay. Spinach is also known to provide relief against stress factors like hypertension, which helps the cause as well. Thus, Spinach certainly makes it to the list of best belly-busting foods in the market.

Beetroot: The healthiest best belly-busting foods

Beetroots show great results when consumed in liquified forms. This magical vegetable is enriched with fibers, nitrates, and vitamin C as well, which works wonders against the production of belly fat. It also keeps a check on the blood pressure and stress hormones for ideal results. Beetroots are even a great source of magnesium and amino acids, which are effective in weight loss proficiencies. Thus consumption of this incredible juice would certainly maintain a fit and lean belly.

Things that cause accumulation of excessive belly fat

accumulation of excessive belly fat

Excess sugar intake

Excessive sugar intake may lead to hazardous consequences in increasing your belly fat. Consumption of sugar oriented dishes like cakes and candies may enhance the levels of belly fat in your body due to the abundance of fructose in their composition. Excess consumption of fructose-rich foods may cause adverse effects in the production of insulin. This is one of the major reasons why the excess intake of sugar should not be consumed. Especially, the abundance of sugar concentration in Soda beverages have comparatively more hazardous effects than the calories from solid foods. Thus, it says a strict no to the soda beverages. Best belly-busting foods in the market don’t promote sugar intake.

Genetic issues

Genetics does play a vital role in the accumulation of excessive belly fats. Some people have the natural tendency to produce and maintain the abrupt amount of cortisol, which inevitably contributes to the unwanted storage of fat on the belly region. Some people have a genetically very low metabolism, which makes it an extremely daunting task for you to burn carbohydrates and excess fats. Thus, no matter how often you eat, you would always find that annoying belly fat difficult to deal with.


Stress is another reason which aggravates the release of cortisol in the body, which causes the storage of fat around the abdominal region. This may have a drastic impact on the fluctuation of hormones, which adversely affects your metabolism. Thus, stress is another prominent reason for the storage of belly fat.

Consumption of Alcohol

Alcohol has many lethal consequences on the body, and one of these is aggravating excess belly fat. It affects the fat burning process in the body, and thus, excess fat is stored in the belly region. Alcohol also interrupts the digestion process, and due to the reckless elimination of the essential nutrients, the calories are stored in the form of belly fat.

Lack of physical activities

lack of physical activities

No matter how less you can use it, you would still have to complement your diet with a disciplined workout or any other physical activity which burns the calories. Even the research claims that people who tend to sit idle and don’t engage themselves in physical exercises tend to have greater chances of having belly fat. Thus, physical exercises like playing sports, lifting weights and even running would do wonders for you to eliminate that annoying body fat.

Abnormal behavior of gut bacteria

Many bacteria prevail in the body. While some may reap healthy benefits, others may prove to be hazardous. The abnormal behavior of the microbiome bacteria may lead to severe issues like heart diseases, diabetes, and even abdominal obesity as well. Thus, depletion of gut health would cause lethal consequences in various aspects of the body.


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