Are you missing the superfood Tragacanth?

 Are you missing the superfood Tragacanth?


Tragacanth uses

Hi friends, I hope most of you must have heard about the magic herb that is Tragacanth. It is a gum herb. It is derived from a thorny plant found in hot regions. It is in dries form like gum. The most popular quality Tragacanth is from Iran. In French, it is called Gomme Adragante. It is widely available and has immense health benefits. It is also called gond katira in some regions. First of all, let me introduce you to this herb. Tragacanth is-

a)Crystals or in the form of thick granules

b)It has no taste

c)It is odorless

d)When you soak it overnight it becomes fluffy and soft and quantity becomes more

e)It has great cooling properties

How to use tragacanth-It is easy to use tragacanth. Take some water in a glass. Soak 2-3 crystals in water. Soak it overnight. You will notice it has become more in quantity in the morning. You can use it with cold beverages like water milk n all. I will share some good and easy ways to use this soft gum after throwing light on what this magic herb remedy consists of and the nutrients it contains.

Tragacanth contains- Calcium, magnesium, sodium, protein, folic acid, and many types of fibers and essential fats.

Amazing benefits of tragacanth-Tragacanth is a magic herb having a lot of nutrients as I told above. It is an ancient herb which is serving our ancestors for ages. The health benefits from the nutrients from this amazing herb are immense. I am going to tell you next what are the amazing benefits of tragacanth.

Instant energy-Tragacanth is an instant energy booster. Add it with some sugar, crushed ice, and milk, and enjoy the drink. It has a soothing effect on the body. The cells of the body get rejuvenated after drinking a tragacanth drink. Drink plenty of water while consuming tragacanth as it helps to absorb the herb naturally and without any flaw in the body.

Energy Boost

Treats anemia- Tragacanth is full of folic acid. So it helps in absorbing iron content in the blood. Soak it overnight and use it in the morning daily. It helps in increasing hemoglobin levels in the blood and thus treats anemia problems. It has also the properties that make the blood thicker thus helps in preventing excess flow from blood in case of hurting.

Treats anemia

Helps soothing skin issues-Tragacanth is best to treat skin issues. It makes the skin soft and smooth. It is well-known fact that tragacanth has anti-aging properties. It treats pimples, acne, scars, and other skin ailments with its cooling properties and can be used as a good face mask as I have discussed in the latter part of this article.

Aids in digestion-Tragacanth is very good for the stomach. It aids in making the intestines with its soft and cool nature. It is easy to digest and helps to solve any issue related to the digestive tract. It is full of proteins and folic acid. helpful in digestion.

Aids in digestion

Regulates blood pressure-Tragacanth has good medicinal properties especially regulating blood pressure. It helps people suffering from high blood pressure. It has cooling properties which makes it useful for people suffering from high blood pressure and thus aids in lowering blood pressure.

Treats abdominal ulcers-Tragacanth has cooling properties and it becomes soft after soaking. When you consume it, it helps to treat abdominal disorders like ulcers and other such ailments and removes indigestion-related issues.

Prevents nose bleeding and heat strokes-The cooling properties of tragacanth aids in preventing heat strokes and nose bleeding due to heat strokes. Soak it overnight in the night and consume it every morning. Its cooling and soothing properties help to treat burning sensations in body parts like hands and feet.

Nose bleeding

Helps people suffering from constipation-As tragacanth aids in digestion it is good for stomach issues. People who are suffering from constipation must use it at night time with little milk. Soak some crystals in the morning which will become fluffy till night. Add in lukewarm milk with little sugar and consume it. It helps in relieving the constipation problem.

good for bone health-Tragacanth is full of protein, magnesium, and sodium. So it is beneficial for people suffering from bone pain and joint pain. It provides strength to the muscles and aids in good joint health. It also helps people who are experiencing weakness after some illness or minor ailment.

Treats migraines-Tragacanth has folic acid and other nutrients which helps people suffering from migraines. It contains such ingredients which help people getting relief from migraine pain and associated pain in the neck, eyes, and head.


Good immunity booster-Tragacanth is full of a lot of nutrients such as protein, folic acid, sodium, and a lot of fibers. It is a full package of essential nutrients. So it is considered good to boost immunity and provide overall health.

Helps people suffering from hair fall-Tragacanth not only sorts out skin issues but hair issues too. It is full of nutrients that are aids in controlling hair fall. Proteins, folic acid helps in strengthening the roots of the hair. It also makes the hair soft and shiny.

Helps in treating diabetes-The people who are suffering from diabetes must consume tragacanth daily. Tragacanth has properties that help increase the secretion of insulin in the body. So people who are suffering from diabetes must not underestimate this magic herb and use it on daily basis.


Helps to treat tonsils-If you are suffering from tonsils use them daily. Soak in the morning and drink twice a day. It helps to relieve swelling and pain of the tonsils. It is full of sodium and magnesium which are proven beneficial in treating problems of tonsils.

Some recipes to try with tragacanth-Now I am going to share some of the recipes which you can try using tragacanth. It is easy to prepare and consume. You can use it in different forms and according to your convenience. The easiest method to use tragacanth is…

Milkshake-Soak 2-3 crystals of tragacanth at night. In the morning you will notice that the quantity has increased. Put it in a grinder. Add some milk ice, sugar, and grind. Your refreshing drink is ready which is beneficial for your overall health as it contains lots of fibers and other nutrients.

herb drink-Take some lemon juice, add mint and basil leaves. Add presoaked tragacanth and add some sugar. Your magic herb drink is ready. It has amazing cooling properties and is a refreshing healthy drink for adults as well as kids.

Mix in your bowl full of oats-You can also add nuts, seeds, and fruits in your oats bowl. You can add tragacanth in it to make the bowl more healthy and full of added nutrients and fibers. There are lot many other ways you can add to use this magic herb.

Face mask with tragacanth-Tragacanth has immense health benefits. Now I am going to tell you how you can use it for your skin. It’s an easy DIY face pack that you can prepare at home without any hustle and bustle. As you know it has anti-aging and soothing properties it can be used in a lot more ways. Soak tragacanth overnight. Mash it properly with some water in the morning. , Make a fine paste. Add a little aloe vera gel to it and mix well. Now put it on your face and neck and wash it off with cold water after 15 minutes. It is good to lessen skin rashes and wrinkles.



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