DIY face mask with nigella seeds for super glowing skin

 DIY face mask with nigella seeds for super glowing skin

DIY face mask with nigella seeds

DIY face mask with nigella seeds

Hi friends, all of you want a glow on the face. Many factors are responsible for getting that glow on the face. Your diet, genes, and many external factors are responsible for that. But everybody is not so lucky to get a glow on the face. The face becomes dull, gets wrinkles, fine lines, acne, pimples, scars, and uneven skin tone and as we get aged it becomes difficult to get and maintain the glow and shine on the face. But you need to take special care of the skin as a face is the mirror of our heart and it boosts confidence when we have problem-free skin which is more natural even without any make-up. That boosts confidence and gives a natural look to the skin.

I have always been a huge fan of nuts and seeds which contain so many nutrients in them that we don’t even know. In this piece of writing, I am going to share with you the amazing health benefits of nigella seeds which are black in color, bitter in taste, and a part of every kitchen. These are used by grandma’s for ages in various recipes to increase the taste and flavor of the dishes with amazing medicinal properties. Nutella seeds are used as spice. Nigella seeds are full of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Protein, magnesium, and essential fats and oils. These black seeds have amazing benefits for the skin.

Amazing benefits of nigella seeds for skin-

Nigella seeds are used for ages for the skin. These seeds are full of essential nutrients as I have described above. Nigella seeds have medicinal properties for the whole body, healthy skin, and lustrous hair. It has skin polishing ingredients that give a long-lasting glow to the skin. Nigella seeds which are also called Nigella sativa seeds have amazing skin transformation abilities which are great for the skin and are more natural and healthier. Nigella seeds, also known as Nigella sativa seeds are used raw, roasted, or in the form of oil too. It is full of antioxidants and free from any side effects.

The important things which the nigella seeds do with your skin

Amazing benefits of nigella seeds for skin

Since ancient times nigella seeds are used to get smooth and problem-free skin. It gives-

a)Radiance to the skin

b)Have skin-lightening agents

c)Improves skin texture

d)Prevents skin inflammation

e)Reduces wrinkles and fine lines

f)Have skin polishing properties if used regularly

g)Full of antioxidants which gives glow to the skin

Usually, nigella seeds are used with the following ingredients

For ages, nigella seeds have been used in various forms like-

1)Add it with essential oils such as olive oil or coconut oil

2)add some lemon juice to it and put it on your skin in the form of a paste

3)add some rose water to these seeds and use for the face and neck

These are the methods or traditional ways which are used by people to get the amazing benefits out of these seeds. Nigella seeds oil is also used to get glowing skin and relieve skin issues and get problem-free skin.

DIY Face mask for amazing glow on the skin

Now I am going to share with you the age-old recipe which can help you get a glow and shine to your face. This is a face pack made with nigella seeds. These seeds are full of antioxidants and when used regularly can do wonders to the skin. Please note down the recipe and follow step by step procedure.

1)Take a small bowl of nigella seeds

2)Roast it on low flame until it becomes golden brown

3)Let it cool down. Then grind it and make a fine powder

4)Your ingredient is ready to be used for 15-20 days

5)Take 1 tbsp of this fine mixture and add raw milk to it. It has to be a smooth fine paste

6)Mix it well and put it on your face at sleeping time. You can put on the neck area also if comfortable

7)This is a night mask. You don’t have to wash it after some time. Instead, wash it the next morning

8)This repairs the skin cells if kept overnight and allow the skin to absorb its utmost benefits

9)Use it for 30-40 days and feel and see the changes in your skin that are quite visible

10)You can keep the nigella seeds roasted and grind well for another month when you are done with the earlier one.

Things to be kept in mind while preparing this mask

There are certain things that you need to keep in mind while applying this mask. The important ones are

a)The ingredients can vary according to the quantity you need.

b)You can add a little more milk if you want to make the paste smoother but it must not be flowy. Raw milk is a very good cleanser for the skin. It makes the skin look fairer and lightens the skin tone if used regularly.

c)It may be a little uncomfortable for some people but believe me it has immense benefits for the skin which is far better than costly night creams and it is less hazardous as it has a smooth texture and goes well in the skin which looks neat without any mess around.

d)Keep some old cotton towel on your pillow so that it doesn’t spoil your clothes as well.

e)Be consistent and little patience-Be regular and have some patience. Don’t expect overnight results. Use for 30-40 days. Then you can repeat after every 3 months.

f) Nigella seeds DIY mask can be used by people having normal to oily skin. So it can be used by people having combination skin without any second thought.

g)Let it dry for 5-10 minutes before you go to bed so that the mask gets a dry look

This amazing face mask will replenish and rejuvenate your skin, will give a smooth skin texture, amazing glow, Detox your skin naturally and will help you with wrinkles and fine lines, and other skin problems also.



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