How to boost overall immunity

 How to boost overall immunity

boost overall immunity


Hello friends, in these times of pandemic immunity is the most talked about topic of life. Increase your immunity, boost your immunity, and many such taglines come to our mind which we see on print media or digital media. A lot of products are conceptualized to be included in the category of immunity-boosters. But do you think there is a particular thing that can boost your immunity or any exercise that can boost your immunity? Let us first have a look at what immunity is.

Immunity is the resistance of the body to fight the diseases and making the internal system strong and able to fight the diseases and infections. It’s an overall process. It is the internal mechanism of the body that helps to fight diseases, germs, and infections. So immunity is an overall concept of the body’s mechanism which aids to good health.

How to boost the overall immunity of the body

Immunity is not only using a particular product or service but an overall mechanism of the body that is directly related to your health regimen and daily schedule. A decade ago we had a different pattern or schedule which was more healthy, more natural, and more refined. Our past generations were even closer to nature. With the increasing facilities, we are turning lazy and synthetic. We can easily blame our lifestyle for that but we can follow some tips and rules to follow overall immunity. Let us have a look on what are the easiest ways to boost overall immunity.

1)Stay active physically and mentally-Staying active physically and mentally is the key to boost overall immunity. That’s is true. If your energy level is good and metabolism is strong then you are stronger.

physically and mentally

Indulge yourself in activities that keep you happy. Studies have shown that people who remain busy are less prone to illnesses. Researches have shown that remaining mentally active keeps you fitter and stronger. That’s the key to good health. So keep yourself indulge in whatever makes you happy and relaxed.

2)Stay close to nature-Nature got the power to boost your immunity. The people who stay close to nature are more fit, active, stronger, and healthy and their immunity is high. Nature got the healing power. Keep yourself occupied in the activities like gardening, growing different varieties of plants, fruits, and vegetables. This hobby not only nurtures your soul but can also give you good yields. Breathe in the fresh air, take long morning walks in the lap of nature, do yoga, running, jumping, jogging.  Enjoy the freshness of nature in the dawns. Nature is the biggest stress-buster and healer and get rid of anxiety.

3)Be spiritual and focus on yoga and meditation-Spirituality is the key to a happy. When a person feels His grace and divine, he is satisfied physically and mentally. Researchers have shown that even incurable diseases are cured by prayers along with medicines.

yoga and meditation

Develop your spiritual urge. Sit in the lap of nature and enjoy God’s divine care, love, and utmost affection. Feel his gracious presence. Yoga and meditation are the biggest positive therapies that heal a person physically and mentally.

4)Drink plenty of fluids– keep yourself hydrated. Drink sufficient beverages in the day. It helps to take the toxins out of the body and flush out impurities to keep the body healthy and thus enhance immunity levels. You can have it in many forms. Take at least 10-12 glasses of water a day.

5)Effective stress management-Stress is the biggest enemy of a person. Stop worrying about the things which are not in your control. Stop over-manipulating the versions of things.

stress management

Keep yourself calm and composed. Some things sort out with time. Have some patience. Learn stress-management techniques through a counselor or indulge in activities that keep you free from Stress symptoms such as your favorite music, shopping, or talk to a dear friend.

6)Develop a love for the sun and seeds-Sit in the sun. Take the energy of vitamin D which has the biggest role in developing immunity. Keep a check on your multivitamins levels. I have always loved seeds that are full of nutrients such as sunflower seeds, flaxseeds, poppy seeds, pumpkin seeds, pine seeds, sesame seeds, and many other varieties of seeds. These seeds got a certain level of nutrients in them which must be included in your diet and must be a part of your daily life to fight diseases and boost health and immunity.

7)Organic approach to the healthy living-Prefer organic concept in everything you consume. It is pesticide-free and grown in or with natural processes.

healthy living

The world is approaching organic fruits, vegetables, grains, pulses, and all other food items. Their use protects the body against harmful chemicals and thus boosting immunity.

8)Avoid processed foods and oils– Processed foods don’t accommodate well in our body and cause health issues. In the processing, the essential nutrients are taken out. So try to avoid the processed food. Search for raw and unfiltered food items. Use canola oil or mustard oil for good heart health. It keeps a check on your cholesterol levels and boosts immunity.

9)Man is a social animal. So be socially active-Man is a social animal. He wants to be loved, appreciated, and being cared for. He can’t live without society. Be socially active. Make a good friend circle and some good friends with whom you can share your sorrows and griefs. This helps you to remain occupied and the mind to be clutter-free. Remain busy with social get-togethers, family outings, holidays, laughter club and the list is endless. You can associate yourself with some non-government organization and indulge in charities and all which gives you mental peace and healthy living by feel-good factor.

10)Good night sleep-A good night’s sleep is a must for a healthy being. A deep sleep energizes your day and makes you feel fresh. Keep your bedroom area calm and peaceful and clutter-free. You can play your favorite music or massage your feet for more relaxation. If you are physically and mentally active, it helps you to give proper sleep.

night sleep

11)Make proper use of spices and herbs in your kitchen-Spices and herbs are used as an immunity booster in our kitchen for ages. Herbs and spices such as turmeric, black basil, oregano, cinnamon, clove, black pepper, ginger, garlic, cardamom, sesame seeds, etc are used to give added health benefits and boost immunity in the long run. The use of such herbs, if done regularly protects from many small infections and boosts immunity. Many other such things are gooseberry is a blessing for providing overall immunity to the body. So make efficient use of such herbs and spices and never underestimate their benefits.



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