Simple yoga asanas you must do in the morning

 Simple yoga asanas you must do in the morning

Simple yoga asanas

Yoga Asana

Practicing yoga early in the morning is possibly the best gift you can give your body. After rejuvenating and satisfying hours of sleep, our body reacts positively to movements, and our mind is like a clean slate that is ready to receive positive thoughts and messages. Our lungs are welcoming to deep breathes and expand its potency, and our body’s stored energy is just waiting to be used up after hours of rest. There are a number of yoga asanas that come along with a variety of amazing benefits, but there is something magical in the morning air. It increases the benefits of any yoga by multiple folds. Below listed are the top 5 simple yoga asanas that fit your modern-day lifestyle and refreshes you for the hectic day ahead!

Best simple yoga asanas: Suryanamaskar

Also known as the Sun salutation, this powerful yoga asana is a combination of 12 yoga poses that are needed to be performed sequentially. Suryanamaskar has a solid positive impact on the mind and body of the practitioner, and it also strengthens your cardiovascular system. When done early in the morning on an empty stomach, Suryanamaskar can be your answer to all your cardio-day troubles. While you might not be a fan of spending hours on a treadmill or bicycle, Suryanamaskar is something you simply cannot resist. Each set of Suryanamaskar consists of 12 yoga poses. Each round of one complete sun salutation consists of two sets of each pose.

There are a number of variations done to the classical Suryanamaskar. However, experienced yoga practitioners suggest people stick to a particular version and practice it religiously every morning in order to get the results you desire. People of this world have forgotten the importance of gratitude and Suryanamaskar is your way to relearn it. Sun is the biggest source of energy for people on this planet and Suryanamaskar is a way of paying our gratitude to the sun. Sun salutation has a number of benefits like weight loss management, improvement in the nervous system, boosting overall health and stretching, flexing and toning the muscles of your body.

Anjaneyasana: The simple yoga asanas

The name of this asana is derived from ‘Anjaneya’, denoting a reference to Lord Hanuman from the Indian mythology who was believed to have miraculous power, valor, and strength. The pose held in Anjaneyasana resembles the pose of lord hanuman as a child with an arched back and hands reaching to the sky. This yoga asana is also known as the low lunge pose. Low lunge pose gives the practitioner a powerful stretch, and it strengthens the quadriceps, groins, and areas of the back of the leg. It is an ideal combination of stretching, backbend, and balancing, all of which teaches the practitioner a strong sense of union, the ideal degree of wideness in the hips as well as embracing goodness overall.

Giving attention to details and the alignment of the body of the practitioner during the pose is very important. If you are a beginner to this asana, you can start by practicing it against a wall for stability and ideal alignments of the body parts during the pose. Practicing Anjaneyasana first thing in the morning activates your thyroid glands by stretching the neck muscles. Activation of the thyroid gland in the morning ensures a good flow of metabolic rate functions throughout the day.


Also known as the cat pose, Bidalasana is a relatively simple yoga asana. It is perfect for people who are absolutely new to the concept of yoga. Ever notice how flexible a cat’s body is? If you notice carefully how a cat stretches a body, you will get an idea of how to perform this asana. This is a pretty simple and foundational asana, and it activates your core muscles. This asana is ideal for people who want to strengthen their core and back muscles. Thus it enhances the alignment of their backbone. As the name suggests, it is a cat pose, and thus, the idea of this yoga asana is to make the practitioner’s spine as flexible and bendable as that of a cat.

People with lower back, hip and neck problems can greatly benefit from Bidalasana as it releases tension in that area. Practicing this yoga pose in the morning also stimulates your digestive tract. It stretches your back and contracts your core muscles. It also benefits your kidneys by increasing the vascularity around it. People who have long hours of computer work often tend to cramp their neck muscles. Thus, cat pose is great to release tension around those areas posts working hours.

Adho Mukha Svanasana

 This yoga asana gets its name from three Sanskrit words. Adho or adhas means downwards, Mukha means face and Svanasana means dog-like. Explains its other name, the downward dog pose. This asana is one of the simple yoga asanas that has already established itself as one of the most beneficial yoga poses of all times. It’s all for the right reasons. This asana has tremendous positive impacts on your body when practiced religiously every morning. The best part about the downward dog pose is it does not require you to master it over the years; rather even the beginners can practice it with great ease. This yoga pose benefits the best when you practice it in the morning on an empty stomach. Since it aims your abdominal muscles and tones it. Adho Mukha Svanasana is an inversion of your body.

As your head is below the level of your heart while your hips lift above the level. Since this pose reverses your body, due to the effect of gravity, your body’s circulation promotes. Also, when you practice this pose, you are basically on your all fours. Putting the weight of your entire body on your hands and feet greatly helps in toning your limbs. These simple yoga asanas correct the alignment of your body and boost your body balance.


The name of this yoga pose derives from the Sanskrit word Trikona meaning triangle. This pose is popular because of the body’s resemblance to a triangle during practicing Trikonasana. Triangle pose is very beneficial for your body’s health and wellness. It brings strength, stamina, and stability in the practitioner’s physical form. You can perform it in order to strengthen your core muscles and your legs since Trikonasana basically targets those areas. People who turn to yoga mainly to lose weight and fat from specific areas get huge benefits with Trikonasana.

This triangle pose can help you shed kilos from your waistline, thighs, stomach, and hips. In the current lifestyle of many people, we often spend hours on our desk working on files or computers. This can strain your neck. In order to release tension from your neck and back and boost circulation throughout the body, Trikonasana will be really helpful for you. You can do this yoga pose anywhere without a lot of arrangements and equipment.

 The bottom line

As many would agree, yoga is one of the most relaxing and calming forms of physical exercise. Although you can perform it at any hour of the day, it’s especially beneficial in the morning. It gets your energy flowing and set you for a great start to an even better day! It is impossible to overlook the changes our body and mind go through after a yoga session! So go ahead and give yourself a chance at a healthy body and a calm mind.

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