Boost your immune system and wellness by Yoga

 Boost your immune system and wellness by Yoga

Boost your immune system

Wellness by yoga

Are you someone who falls sick very frequently and is looking to boost your immune system? Suffering cough, cough and fever can be pretty upsetting, and it shows how fragile your body is and how week your immune system has become. In this competitive world, it is hard for people to fall sick even for a day and falling sick frequently just throw you out of the race of success. Being on bed rest all day long won’t take your career to heights you are dreaming of, and in such a situation, your strongest and one and only wish is to avoid falling sick for just a couple of days. Boost your immune system through the immense benefits of yoga.

Such situations of vulnerability are morale breaking for an individual, and thus, you need to strengthen your immunity and increase your resistance to diseases.  Our immune system is an organized system of cells, tissues, and organs that collectively work towards keeping the body healthy and defending it from foreign bodies, bacteria, and viruses.

The immune system is an elaborately functioning system of our body; however, it might malfunction at times due to various reasons like a sedentary lifestyle, excessive stress, and poor eating habits. Malfunctioning of our immune system can cost us not just money but also our precious time. So to avoid these undesirable situations, you should opt for some of the immune system boosting yoga asanas. These yoga poses can strengthen your immune system and put your mind at peace. Below listed are some of the most beneficial asanas you must try:

Adho Mukha Svanasana

Adho Mukha Svanasana

Also popular as the downward-facing dog pose, this yoga pose is popular in Sanskrit and loosely translates as Adho means downward, Mukha refers to the face, and Svanasana means dog-like, thus explaining its name, downward dog pose. It is popular so because of the posture of the practitioner while doing this pose. This asana is popular as one of the most beneficial yoga poses for increasing immunity and strength in the body. It is advised to do this yoga on an empty stomach and preferably in the morning since it stretches your core muscles.

The visualization of this yoga pose is basically about holding your body against the alignment it is made for. When you hold the pose of Adho Mukha Svanasana, your hips are elevated and are above your heart level whereas your head is below the level of your heart. This is a direct reversal of your body’s alignment and due to being anti-gravity; there is a direct improvement in the amount of circulating blood in your body. Since the blood flow increases, the number of White blood corpuscles or the ‘fighter cells’ also increases, which directly strengthens your immune system.

Bhujangasana is perfect to boost your immune system


This yoga asana is also popular as the Cobra pose, and it’s so because the practitioner resembles the hood of the cobra while doing this asana. It is great to ease your muscles after a long and hectic day at work. Lifestyle habits like smoking or diseases like emphysema and Asthma often lead to a reduction in your lung capacity, making it difficult to breathe efficiently. However, due to strict rhythmic breathing during this pose, Bhujangasana tends to boost your body’s lung capacity and helps it work better than before.

This yoga asana also has gastrointestinal benefits. It works on your abdominal muscles as well leading to detoxification of your entire body. Bhujangasana improves the flexibility of your spine, core, and neck. When you hold the Bhujangasana pose, your neck stretches which compress and stimulate your thymus gland that is in the close vicinity of your neck muscles. The stimulation of your thymus gland leads to an increase in the number of T-cells in the blood. T-cells are the chief cells responsible for guarding our body against any foreign pathogen.

Revolved Prasarita Padottanasana

Prasarita Padottanasana

This is an outstanding yoga pose of intermediate level difficulty. The name derives from a Sanskrit word where Prasarita means Spread out or stretch. Padottanasana, on the other hand, means a posture including an intense stretching action of the feet. This is incredibly beneficial for people looking to boost their immunity and achieve a sense of physical balance in their lives. Due to the stretching action of your lower limbs in this yoga pose, it intensely works your calf, thighs and Hamstring Exercises Bodyweight.

It also strengthens your shoulders and back muscles and is great for relieving tension in those areas. If you are dealing with a bad alignment of your body, this asana might just be the best pick for you! However, people with recent and severe neck, ribs, back, shoulder, hips, and knees injury should avoid this asana as it targets all those areas.

Boost your immune system through Halasana


This pose is also called the Plow pose, and it gets its name from two Sanskrit words. Hal referring to a farming tool used to prepare the soil for sowing and Asana means pose. The name of this asana suggests that through this yoga pose, we are preparing our body (the field) for freshness and deep rejuvenation (the crop). You should practice this pose very slowly and preferably under someone’s guidance.

Don’t try to do it all for the first time or you’ll end up straining your back and neck. This asana is great for calming your mind and reduce stress and fatigue after a long day at work. You need to stretch your legs in this pose, and thus the legs muscles tone up. It also puts pressure on your neck, thus stimulating your thymus gland. The thymus gland boosts the secretion of T-cells which in-turn strengthens your body’s immune system. Halasana opens up your neck and back muscles.  All of which get strain after sitting for hours in front of a computer. So it’s the ideal yoga asana to practice towards the end of your day.



Matsya is the Sanskrit word for fish, and this name suggests the practitioner’s body posture while doing this asana. It comes under the category of Hath Yoga. You need to master your breathing pattern as well as your body alignment in this pose. This yoga asana works on your core and gastrointestinal tract, which eventually benefits your digestion. It also promotes flexibility in your neck and spine by stretching those muscles in the posture. Due to the stimulation of the Parathyroid gland in this pose, your immunity is greatly benefitted as well. To boost your immune system through this asana.

Practice Savasana to boost your immune system

Also popular as the corpse pose, its name does absolute justice to it. Derived from two Sanskrit words, Sava meaning corpse and Asana refers to pose or posture. While people might think it’s an easy pose to practice, it might not be as easy as it looks. This asana requires you to lie down flat on your back. Close your eyes, relax your shoulder, palms facing up and your feet apart. Savasana has a number of benefits. The yoga practitioners, advise people, to practice Savasana every 30 minutes of your yoga session. Savasana reduces tension in your mind and body and lets you simply lay down. You tend to take deep breaths, which purifies your flowing blood, increasing the number of white blood corpuscles. These WBCs are the chief cells that battle with the unwanted foreign bodies that might cause you harm. So savasana is the best way to boost your immune system.

The bottom line

All the yoga poses have an array of benefits; however, the poses will directly benefit your immune system. If you often find yourself falling sick, this might be this the time you finally turn to yoga. It’s the best way to boost your immune system and keep all your diseases at bay. 



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