Hypothyroidism Meaning and symptoms

 Hypothyroidism Meaning and symptoms


thyroid gland

In our body, we have a butterfly-shaped gland known as the thyroid gland. This gland is responsible for producing thyroid hormone. Without it your body won’t be able to keep you warm, won’t be able to use up energy. According to ATA(American Thyroid Association)without the proper function of the thyroid gland, it will be difficult to maintain the health of your brain, heart, muscles and other organs. Sometimes thyroid gland can be underactive or overactive. When it’s underactive it’s known as Hypothyroidism. Let’s have a quick look at what are the possible signs of hypothyroidism.

Signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism

If your body shows the following signs or symptoms then you are probably suffering from hypothyroidism…

  1. Weight gain- Without enough thyroid hormone in your body, things start slowing down. Your metabolic rate is also affected and it starts slowing down. You will notice that you have started putting on weight. The reason could not be the extra fat but extra salt n water that’s causing weight gain.
  2. Feeling cold– You are feeling cold when everyone around you is perfectly ok with the temperature. You feel unusually cold. The reason is the thyroid hormone affects your temperature sensitivity.
  3. Moodswings- If u feel somewhat off and having constant mood swings that can lead to depression too, then probably you are suffering from hypothyroidism. Anxiety and depression could be other symptoms.
  4. Disturbed menstrual cycle in women- In ladies, the possible symptom of hypothyroid can be where your periods can be heavier i.e more flow than usual. Your period span can also be longer.
  5. Swollen face and itchy skin- The swelling on your face is noticeable. You will notice that your skin will become extremely itchy and dry. If you have wounds on the body that take a longer time to heal dermatologists will be the first person to detect the effects of thyroid disease on your skin.
  6. Dry stools- Because of slowing down of your body, the process of digestion and passing healthy stool also slows down. It can lead to severe constipation too. This can lead to other medical issues too.
  7. Lower energy level- You may feel like you don’t have the energy to do normal tasks too. You feel lazy. Fatigue can be the other symptom of hypothyroidism and the most common sign of this disease.
  8. Poor concentration and memory- Hypothyroidism slows down your brain too. Just like everything in your body starts slowing down your thinking ability slows down too. You are not able to easily recollect things, become forgetful and won’t be able to think clearly.

People who need to be extra alert

a)  If you are in your mid-age especially mid-age be careful if you have the above symptoms. There is a link between thyroid and hormone functions. Have a proper check-up by your doctor to avoid the aftereffects.

b)  All women nearing menopause-If you are a woman nearing menopause then u need to be especially careful of these signs. At this level, your estrogen level falls insignificantly during menopause. So have a proper medical check-up done at this stage to avoid the hypothyroid symptoms

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