Healthy Alternative for Hormone Replacement Therapy

 Healthy Alternative for Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy

Hormone-Related Disease

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) became one of the most popular treatments. People approach it for Cancer and other Hormone-Related Disease treatments.

First, let’s define what HRT means is.

HRT is a treatment process, where it helps either to Slow Down or to stop the Growth of cancer that grows with the help of some hormones.

Side Effect of Hormonal Replacement Therapy

Side Effect of Hormonal Replacement

Although HRT is quite effective; however, it suppresses the production of some hormones. Thus, it is obvious that it has got numerous side-effects as well as its effectiveness.

The side-effects vary from person to person as the effect of the treatment is different in different victims. A common side effect of the HRT is:

  1. Loss of interest in sex
  2. Diarrhea
  3. Weakened bones
  4. Dryness of the vagina only in a female
  5. Nausea
  6. Fatigue

A study done by the American Heart Association in February 2019 proved that people who go for a Gender Transition have got an increase in chances of Cardiovascular Problems due to HRT

As a result, you should seek help other than HRT for your better health. One of these approaches is to follow different lifestyle measures.

Lifestyle Measures

Lifestyle Measures
  1. Do Exercises regularly. It helps you to get rid of stress and provides you a Better Sleep. In women, it helps to reduce Hot Flushes.
  2. Eat Healthy and Nutritious Foods. Follow a Mediterranean Diet.
  3. Don’t have too many Alcohol, Caffeine, and Spicy foods.
  4. Apart from exercises do Yoga and Tai Chi every day.
  5. Prohibit Smoking. Smoking leads to several kinds of Cancer and Heart Disease so you should avoid it completely.
  6. Women experiencing Vaginal Dryness should use Vaginal Lubricant or Moisturizer.

It was stated by Mayo Clinic on January 17, 2019, that if women get Mindful then they can reduce the chances of getting any Menopausal Symptoms.

One perfect way to avoid certain treatment is to prevent the cause itself. In our case, the most common situations where people seek HRT are Cancer disease. So, Preventing Cancer avoids your HRT to a great extent. Let’s, discuss the most popular prevention cancers for both genders.

Preventing Breast Cancer for Women:

Preventing Breast Cancer
  • Turmeric is a very popular herb. It contains Curcumin, which is a powerful Anti-Oxidant preventing Cancers. Just aim at having 1 Teaspoon of turmeric powder along with ¼ Teaspoon of black pepper daily added in your food.
  • Have cultured dairy products. These include Cottage Cheese, Goat Milk, and Probiotic Yogurt. Aim to have6 ounces of them daily.
  • Foods rich in Omega 3 Fatty acid-like Salmon and herring should be taken to reduce Breast Cancer.

Preventing Prostate Cancer for Men:

Preventing Prostate Cancer
  • Experts advise that eating foods rich in Cruciferous Vegetables like Broccoli, Cabbage, etc. helps to reduce prostate cancer. These green vegetables are rich in Antioxidants and Phytochemicals to prevent cell changes in the body.
  • Tomatoes have got Lycopene, which is known to prevent Prostate Cancer. A study in journal Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention found that male who eats up to 10 Tomatoes per week can reduce the chances of prostate cancer by 18%.
  • A study in the European Journal of Nutrition found that men who eat at least 3 Servings of Carrot per week reduce the chances of prostate cancer by 18%.
  • Pomegranate juices are rich in It was concluded by the University of California that pomegranate juice can reduce the movement of cancer cells and weakens their effect to cause prostate cancer.

Alternative Diet for HRT

Diet for HRT

Now let’s discuss the diets one should take for a natural alternative of these home therapies:

  • A study has shown that women who eat Soybeans suffer from a few Hot Flashes.
  • Black Cohosh Root is also found effective for many menopause-related Problems.
    • Make an herbal cocktail composed of Licorice, Fenugreek, Flaxseed, Red Clover, or Chaste-Tree Berry. It gives a lot of nutrition to the body.
  • Foods rich in Vitamin B give support to our Adrenal Gland. Thus, helps in relieving Stress, Depression, deal with anxiety and Panic Attack. Foods that are rich in Vitamin B are Eggs, Fish, Meat, Green and Leafy Vegetables.
  • It is recommended to take around 400 IU of Vitamin E per day. It helps to get rid of Hot Flushes and Vaginal Dryness. Foods rich in Vitamin E are Nuts, Avocado, Wheat Germ, and Whole Grains.
  • In the cell membrane, the function of Estrogen Receptors is balanced by Phytoestrogenic As a result; the symptoms of menopause are balanced.

Thus, I advise you to take care of your diet, before you seek a Hormonal Replacement Therapy. Because the diet is the magical solution for your good health. Also, consider exercising as this will be a great addition to your health state. However, if your state requires an HRT then go for it. I always like to say” approach the treatment that overall will benefit you the most”.

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